IVN: After Traveling 14K Miles, Independent POTUS Candidate Learns One Crucial Truth About America

by Lynn S. Kahn Ph.D.

The spirit of America is strong; the state of our union is fragile.

That is my conclusion after 100 days driving 14,128 miles through 34 states as an independent candidate for President of the United States.

I met with over 1,000 people individually and in small groups. I mostly stayed away from big cities and college campuses. I had learned on two short campaign trips before this long one that very few Americans understand there are independent candidates running for office so I got in the habit of putting out my hand while I said: “I am Dr. Lynn Kahn, Independent candidate for President of the United States – Independent – not Republican, not Democrat – Independent!”

Almost everyone I met shook my hand and I usually got in two more sentences: “My platform is Fix Government, Build Peace and I have a 7-Track plan to do just that. I start by cutting one trillion dollars of waste out of federal agencies and then redirect those dollars to jumpstart jobs and better serve our communities.”

Yes, a few people laughed and walked away; most wanted to hear what I had to say and tell me their stories. That’s how I came to believe our spirit is strong, our union is fragile and my 7-Track plan to Transform America by Transforming Government will save our nation from a downward spiral and forever war…

To read the full article, click here.


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