Lynn S. Kahn Ph.D.: A Partnership of Independent Presidential Candidates

Independent Presidential Candidates
Left to right Rhett Lynn Chris and Sedinam – Las Vegas NV at Independent Presidential Debate sponsored by Veterans in Politics International May 11 2016

Beautiful Lessons Learned

Imagine four Presidential candidates in the United States of America supporting and advising each other in 2016! Imagine that partnership and our ability to see beyond personal goals toward a roadmap for achieving national goals. With that partnership in mind, now imagine what else is possible in America when politicians join together to serve We the People! Our coalition of four independent and 3rd party Presidential candidates was created in early February 2016; in this article, I will describe my learning as a member of that coalition.

The four of us met when we participated in an 8-candidate Independent Presidential Debate in Lake Charles, Louisiana, on January 28, 2016. We met again at the Independent Presidential Debate sponsored by Veterans in Politics International in Las Vegas, Nevada on May 11, 2016. During the January debate, each of us individually went from nodding in agreement to comments made by the three others to the occasional hand clapping and “amen to that” to genuine enjoyment when one of us made a particularly well-stated response to the moderator’s questions.

Three of us had dinner together that very night along with my reinventing government colleague Kathy Monahan. When we met again at breakfast the next morning, we were making lists about the goals and values we shared; at the top of the list: “Honesty, integrity and openness in the White House.” There was little time for more conversation that day; emails and telephone calls all that week confirmed our intention to partner. By Friday, February 12, the four of us agreed to a statement of our intentions…

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