HJ News: Constitution Party the best option

(The following was a letter to the editor that was originally published in HJ News.)

To the editor:

This year’s Presidential election is one for the history books. A woman being the Democrat nominee and a newcomer to politics being the nominee of the Republicans.

Hillary Clinton is hands down, the most recognized female politician in the USA – she’s been on center stage for decades, and Donald Trump has never been shy of media attention!

Some cite the vast experience of Hillary Clinton as first lady of Arkansas, and the U.S., a senator and Secretary of State, as qualifications for the highest office in the land?! However, with a truthful examination, it doesn’t take a deep evaluation to realize that while she did hold these offices – she had zero mentionable accomplishments! She asks the question, “Isn’t it time for a woman to be president?” And my simple answer is, “Yes – but not YOU!”

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