Texas Tribune: Jill Stein, in Austin, says third-party candidates can win in November

(The following was originally published in the Texas Tribune.)

Despite the formidable odds, third-party candidates could win some offices in November, Green party presidential nominee Jill Stein told supporters at an event Monday night at Huston Tillotson’s King-Seabrook Chapel in Austin.

Criticizing Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton and Republican nominee Donald Trump — including referring to Trump as a “sexual and economic predator” — Stein said she won’t sleep if either candidate is elected in November. To a boisterous crowd of several hundred, Stein said that her supporters must “be that demand” to see a change in public office.

“It’s important to know that we do have the numbers,” Stein said Monday night. “We have all the people we need to create this peaceful revolution at the ballot box. … Texas is a state of courage. Together, we can create an America that works for all of us. It’s time to fight for the greater good.”

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