Governor Bill Weld Responds to Democrat Spin Machine

by Gene Berkman, Independent Political Report

Responding to numerous web stories and media reports regarding my strong denunciation of Donald Trump Tuesday, I released the following statement today:

Several web sites and media outlets have seized upon my statement from a news conference Tuesday in Boston to jump to conclusions that are wishful thinking, rather than reality.

Led by Occupy Democrats, a well-known mouthpiece for the left, the sensationalists and wishful thinkers are re-writing my forceful condemnation of Donald Trump into a suggestion that voters should support Hillary Clinton.

That is absurd.

Governor Johnson and I are campaigning nonstop, with rallies and appearances scheduled over the next few days across the country from Alaska to Cincinnati, and are fully committed to giving voters the third choice they deserve in this election.

Any suggestion to the contrary is the product of active imaginations and partisans in both the Republican and Democrat camps who see how many independents, millennials and other disenfranchised voters are looking to our ticket as a vote they can cast in good conscience…

To read the statement in full, click here.


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