BREAKING: Glenn Beck No Longer Voting For Castle, Now Undecided

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Glenn Beck

by Eli Bowman, The Libertarian Republic

On the Glenn Beck Radio Program today, at about 11:11 a.m. eastern time, Glenn Beck stated that he no longer is certain that Darrell Castle is getting his vote. He briefly mentioned that he, as of today, would vote for Evan McMullin, but then immediately remarked again that he is uncertain.

Beck has taken numerous stances on his vote throughout this election cycle, first expressing support for both Rand Paul and Ted Cruz during the Republican primary before settling on the latter. He had endorsed Rick Santorum during the 2012 campaign, whom he had called the modern-day George Washington, a title he would eventually grant to Cruz. Beck ultimately regretted his endorsement of Cruz after the Texas Senator endorsed the Republican nominee.

After Donald Trump won the Republican nomination, Beck hinted that he may support TLR Founder Austin Petersen, though never officially endorsing. After Gary Johnson won the Libertarian nomination, Beck also flirted with the prospect of endorsing the former New Mexico governor before settling on the Constitution Party nominee, Castle…

To read the full article and listen to Beck’s radio podcast, click here

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