Ten States Have Completed Vote Count

Ballot Access News

As of Sunday, November 26, ten states have completed their official vote canvass for the November 8, 2016 election: Indiana, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virginia, and Wyoming.

Brian Sears has tabulated the presidential vote, using the official vote in those states, and the unofficial vote in the other forty states and D.C. His figures for the eleven presidential candidates who were on the ballot anywhere and who have received at least 10,000 votes, are:

1. Hillary Clinton 64,288,417
2. Donald Trump 62,266,852
3. Gary Johnson 4,415,344
4. Jill Stein 1,401,689
5. Evan McMullin 576,040
6. Darrell Castle 193,283
7. Gloria La Riva 67,919
8. Rocky De La Fuente 32,962
9. Richard Duncan 23,551
10. Dan Vacek 13,537
11. Alysson Kennedy 12,379

When all the write-ins are counted, there will probably be enough write-ins for Bernie Sanders to elevate him to sixth place, even though he wasn’t a candidate in November. Most of those votes will be from California, where he was a declared write-in candidate. In California, the electors declare, and the presidential candidate has no voice in the matter of whether write-ins will be counted for him or her.

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