New York State Amends Certified Vote Totals from November 2016 Election

Ballot Access News

On December 22, the New York State Board of Elections revised its official election returns. The Board had posted “Original certified results” on December 8, which suggests the state had determined the official figures. But on December 22, the Board posted revised figures.

Hillary Clinton gained 56,371 votes over the earlier figure; Donald Trump gained 24,516; Gary Johnson gained 1,345; Jill Stein gained 767. They were the only four presidential candidates on the ballot. Here is a link to the new returns. The only difference between the December 8 and December 22 totals are from Suffolk County and New York city. Both those jurisdictions explained that they hadn’t finished counting the absentee and provisional ballots as of December 8, so it is somewhat odd that the State Board posted “certified results” before they were complete.

UPDATE: some of the write-in presidential candidates also increased. The amount of the increase was: Evan McMullin 1,041; Darrell Castle 95; Gloria La Riva 27; Tom Hoefling 9; Chris Keniston 6; Rocky De La Fuente 5; Monica Moorehead 3; Emidio Soltysik 2.

Changes such as this are why it takes so long to tally the national vote for presidential candidates. Thanks to Thomas Jones for the news.

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