No Reference Appears to Have Accurate Presidential Totals, Even for the Two Major Parties, Except for David Leip

Ballot Access News

On December 22, the Associated Press announced that Hillary Clinton received 65,844,610 votes, and Donald Trump received 62,979,636. The AP appears to use the 2016 National Popular Vote Tracker from Google Sheets, a Google Doc. But even those sources, as of the evening of December 22, appear not to have noticed that New York revised its vote totals twice this week. These sources captured the data from the first New York revision, but not today’s further revision.
This is also true for the Cook Political

But David Leip’s US Election Atlas does have the latest New York returns, as of the evening of December 22.

The Wikipedia page for the 2016 presidential election has a very inaccurate set of figures for Rhode Island. The wikipedia author used the Rhode Island totals for votes cast at the polls, but left out the absentee votes. The Wikipedia page is locked. If anyone knows how to communicate this to Wikipedia, that would be a good deed.

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