ATPR reboot, Augustus Invictus and related matters


ATPR is getting another reboot. At the moment I am using it to post Invictus-related articles, since there was some pushback with having so many on IPR. At some point soon I will make them into a compilation article on IPR as has been suggested by Tom Knapp and Jill Pyeatt and then not post anything about it for a while or just add to the compile article.

Right now the admins are Cody Quirk, Joshua Fauver and myself. William Saturn is still signed up to write but apparently has been demoted because he added Chris Lesiak back, according to what I was told. The current owners do not want Chris back in any way shape or form for a variety of reasons.

I know several of you were previously signed up there and it looks like no longer are. I can sign you up again if you want, just ask (no Nathan, not you).


At some point I think last summer or fall Chris teamed up with someone named Max Dickstein which oddly enough turned out to not be a fake screen name but a real person and the grandson of a congressman and marginally semi-famous 9/11 survivor. Dickstein took over ATPR, kicked off people he did not approve of (including me) and announced he was running for LNC Chair. He then had a falling out with Chris in short order, as well as a falling out with Augustus Invictus, who he had been a volunteer for. Then, very shortly after that, Dickstein disappeared completely, as far as I can tell, on election day in November. Maybe Invictus sacrificed him and drank his blood? Not that I have any evidence for this or anything, but I would not be surprised if Invictus did something like that, or blew up a federal building, or had women chained in his basement, or all of the above…

And, speaking of Invictus and friends, at least as of yesterday Ryan Ramsey seems to have removed the two libelous articles about myself, Warren, IPR, etc from his Libertarian Heathen site. According to one source I will leave anonymous for now, Invictus’ buddy Ryan Ramsey is now peddling some conspiracy theory that LNC Chair Nick Sarwark and Char-Lez Braden (the Florida LP chair) are about to be arrested in a giant roundup of cybercriminals for hacking his computer. Ramsey is currently the Bradford County, FL LP chair and a regional rep on the LPF exec comm. Florida has its LP state convention next weekend.

Not so great minds think alike?

Ryan Ramsey’s fellow altreich troll Nathan Norman posits a similar conspiracy on his “IPR-X” troll blog:

The same deep state aparatus that poisoned and T-boned Roger Stone, tried to rig the election for Crooked Hillary Clinton, and falsified intelligence reports to weaken the Trump administration, has now struck IPR-X. How did they attack? Let me explain.

You may have noticed no articles have been published here for several days now. Deep state operatives hacked into our devices and put pornographic viruses on all of them. Now our devices cannot be used without thousands of windows of pornographic videos loading. It’s anyone’s guess how long it will take the computer shop to fix the devices and/or if the deep state attacks again.

This was clearly a coordinated attack. All our devices were hacked and given the exact same virus. The deep state is doing this to silence us from attacking globalism and the anti-White agenda. They will not succeed. I am using a friend’s device to post this article. We will use whatever means necessary to get our message out.

Nice try deep state, but just like your failure to assassinate Stone, steal the election, or destroy Trump, you will never stop us. We will continue to fight until we take back our country entirely. This is our country. Forever.


This site and its authors are under constant attack from the Deep State and Antifa (the same thing?). They put pornographic viruses on our devices, delete our tweets, and even cut off our wifi. I have to use a computer in a public library to post this and once I do it will probably become infected with pornographic viruses.

Hopefully this issue will be resolved soon. I believe it will with Donald Trump as President. Once the issue is resolved we’ll be back with great content including the launch of the Nathan Norman podcast and the Millard Fillmore Remembrance Project.

Please keep checking this page for updates.

Oy vey! Oy gevalt!

This has been today’s edition of as the alt party world turns.. we now return you to your regularly scheduled deprogramming.


5 thoughts on “ATPR reboot, Augustus Invictus and related matters

  1. Hello,
    I am Max Dickstein.

    I attest to the authenticities of the author’s retelling of events. Although Augustus may have at some point wanted to sacrifice me to either Molech or Baphomet, I believe we are somehow on good terms.

    Good luck with the website


  2. So I bet 7K on Hilary winning the election. I was so certain she would win, and that I would have a need to vent about all the Somali “DINDUs” (as Krystoph calls them) into their country.

    Instead, the God Emperor won, and I felt—like Nigel Farage—that my mission had been complete.

    Grand Inquirer is still up, one need only go to Unless this article will somehow lead to hordes of libertarian women signing Kokesh styled sex-slave contracts with me…I do not anticipate that I will write in the forseeable future. I retire a happy alt-reich activist.


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