Constitution Party of Idaho: ‘Of pawns…and black-hearted manipulation’

Of pawns…and black-hearted manipulationPosted in the Constitution Party of Idaho’s website on April 29th, 2017

The deceitfulness and treachery of the National Chairman of the Constitution Party (and his secret junta) apparently refuses bounds.

Not to be circumspect, we speak of the gentleman attempting to do what is arguably unlawful to do in Idaho–namely, he presumes he can (through  deliberate actions of “his” national website) ignore the established CP-Idaho, a  ballot qualified sovereign state party, and simply name “his” own so-called “State Contact”…one more to his liking, more pliable, more likely to follow his will, a more useful pawn in his dark game of deception.

Well, okay. We will of course stipulate that the gentleman can indeed ignore us all he will, to his heart’s entire pleasure, however black. To be frank, CP-Idaho considers that a blessing in disguise.

But what the gentleman and his dark junta cannot do is to name anyone into an office of representation in this statewide, ballot qualified party here in Idaho, and by such a fraudulent act, directly or indirectly, influence Idaho votes. Das ist verboten; and Der National Chairman knows it.

It’s axiomatic; arrogance breeds folly, as it were. The national party’s bylaws expressly forbid this kind of assault by the national executive into this, a functional state affiliated political party for more than 20 years. But never you mind that. The national bylaws and the national party’s constitution apparently are to be made up entirely on whim, as Der Chairman goes along. They are what he and the junta say they are at any given time (subject to change, winks, nods and thumbs on scales). Scriptures too it seems are considered damned.

Unfortunately, it’s not the party bylaws that the gentleman should be concerned about…state code (and we dare suggest federal code) has a say. To his chagrin, that “say” may be a lot louder than he thinks it may be.

The gentleman apparently decided that he has the authority to reach over state lines, and influence voters in a different state by deliberately redirecting potential inquiries on the national website away from legitimate CP-Idaho state officers (elected and appointed). That attempt technically amounts to a foreign domiciled corporation reaching over state lines to influence votes, and yet  declares themselves unaccountable.  Uh-oh. Once you get to crossing state lines as a national party, now you’re talking an entirely different game. That’s when the letters start getting involved…FEC and so on.

Short circuiting CP-Idaho with “his” own so-called State Contact at the national website must have seemed like a brilliant idea to the junta at the time, in whatever dark room that idea came out of. It certainly wasn’t a constitutional room.  While difficult to see down into that pitch black orifice, we shall see exactly how brilliant the idea turns out, once we light it. If nothing else, it should be entertaining.

CP-Idaho will continue to rely upon state code, and trust the remedies available to us. We will of course publish those remedies as they are prescribed, whether good or ill…because that’s the way we operate at CP-Idaho.

Pity the pit operations at national. One can never tell in that kind of blackness whether it’s a snake, or just an overly friendly chum. Anyhow, we leave them to their dark social club and whatever they do in it.


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