Barton W. Rice: ‘In Our Own Defense’

Independent Political Report

I think we had better be careful and watch our step. There is a rolling tide of enmity coming out of the East and Middle-East targeting GSM people. Unfortunately, it is coming at a time when we are seeing a lot of the same thing in Europe and here at home, attached to this wave of “alt-right” nationalism. We are entering into a phase where our societies are in the midst of a backlash against the kind of big government, big media diversity that has used the power of the state monopolies to push against the majority middle class and the majority is starting to push back in a way that is dangerous for GSM people.

Most of the major Muslim nations torture and kill us. In Russia, we are vanishing from the streets and are attacked in public on a regular basis and Youtube is full of videos illustrating a violent reaction to the open existence of GSM people. Now reports are coming out across the web this month that in Chechnya, there is a kind of purge happening. Vanishings, assaults, and news of camps where there has been reports of torture and even killings. Today there are headlines that police are telling parents to kill their gay children or they will do it themselves…

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