New Federal Lawsuit Argues California’s Ratio of Voters to Legislators Violates U.S. Constitution

On May 8, a federal lawsuit was filed charging that the ratio between California voters and the number of legislators is so extreme, that Californians effectively do not have a voice in their state legislature. With only 40 State Senators and only 80 Assemblymembers, the typical State Senate district has a population of almost 1,000,000; and the typical Assembly district has a population of almost 500,000.

Plaintiffs include some county supervisors and county sheriffs, and also the California Libertarian Party, the American Independent Party, and the Marin County Green Party. The case is Citizens for Fair Representation v Padilla, e.d., 2:17cv-973. The case is assigned to Judge Kimberly Mueller, an Obama appointee. Here is a Courthouse News Service story about the lawsuit. UPDATE: here is the Complaint. The city of Fort Jones, in Siskiyou County, is a co-plaintiff. The case number on this complaint is just a temporary number, and not the actual case number.


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