Another Cuban Libertarian Disappeared; His Associates Fear He’s Been Secretly Arrested (UPDATE: Activist Found, Claims to Have Been Beaten)

Brian Doherty,

Another libertarian activist in Cuba may have been taken into illegitimate custody by the Castro regime, his associates in the Partido Libertario Cubano – Jose Marti are reporting.

Partido Libertario Cubano - Jose Mari
Partido Libertario Cubano

Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand, who wrote an article in the PanAm Post which I reported on here last week, about a rebel poster campaign that he was involved in to remind Havana about two other libertarian activists in Cuban custody, Ubaldo Herrera Hernandez and Manuel Velazquez Visea, has himself disappeared.

[UPDATE: Chartrand has reappeared this afternoon, though according to a report from L.P. Nevada activist Zach Foster via other Cuban activists, “After over 24 hours’ disappearance, Nelson Rodriguez Chartrand has emerged and is in contact with the party leaders. He was beaten and shaken, but in one piece. The Cuban LP has even more reason now to conclude State Security agents are responsible.”

In an IM interview this afternoon, Foster reports via his Cuban sources that Chartrand was “leaving his adult son’s house with a box of books to be donated to the new Libertarian Library by LP Spain (P-LIB). The men who attacked him were dressed like common street thugs, but knew exactly where to find him; they knew what time to find him; they used sophisticated takedown and holding techniques indicative of a law enforcement background; not only did they steal the cash relief money for the prisoner Ubaldo’s mother, but… They stole the libertarian political economy books, and dropped him off stranded in the middle of nowhere to walk back to Havana.”]…

To read more click here.


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