Arkansas Secretary of State Says Libertarian Party Petition is Valid

Image result for libertarian party of arkansasBallot Access News

On July 7, the Arkansas Secretary of State determined that the Libertarian Party’s petition for party status is valid. The party is now free to nominate by convention for its 2018 nominees. The party is now on the 2018 ballot in 39 states plus D.C. (although in Georgia, it is only on for statewide office, not district or county office; and in Connecticut, it is on for some but not all offices).

The eleven states in which the party is not on the 2018 ballot are Alabama, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Virginia, and Washington. Of those eleven states, three of them have a ballot-qualified party other than just the Republican and Democratic Parties. They are New York, Ohio, and Rhode Island. The Green Party is on in Ohio and the Moderate Party is on in Rhode Island. New York has eight qualified parties, including Green, Conservative, Working Families, Independence, Reform, and Women’s Equality.


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