TLR: Augustus Invictus Leaves the Libertarian Party

Augustus Invictus

by Nicholas Amato

An angered Augustus Invictus, former Libertarian candidate for United States Senate in Florida, called his now-former party an “organization fanatically devoted to losing,” in a livestream today.

“The one time they came to win something at the federal level, it was to stop me to from challenging Marco Rubio for the United States Senate in Florida,” Invictus explained.

Invictus went on to cite a number of reasons why he left, including baseless attacks by fellow libertarians. Over the course of his campaign he was called a “devil worshiper, a genocidal maniac, a fascist neo-Nazi hate monger, a white supremacist, and a hundred other things.” Invictus was a victim of attacks from LP members, all the way up to the former Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Florida, and the national party chairman.

He continued with his statement trying to provide constructive advice about how to fight against statism and fight for liberty. He suggested that libertarians should fight to win, and that if a party is going to exist, that it should play to win. He sees his party switch as a move from “the collegiate level, to the big leagues,” joining a party that likely will “not welcome [him] with open arms” but is at least playing to win and fight against the tyranny of the left.

You can watch his full statement here.

Article can be read here.


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