New Arkansas Registration Data

Ballot Access News

As of July 20, 2017, here are the number of registered voters in Arkansas: Republican 83,448; Democratic 79,031; Libertarian 330; Green 39; independent and other 1,559,211. The percentages are: Republican 4.85%; Democratic 4.59%; Libertarian .02%; Green .003%; independent and other 90.54%.

The reason so few voters are registered into a party is that joining a party has no practical or legal effect. People only register into a party on voter registration forms in Arkansas to make a public declaration. The voter registration form has a block marked “Optional”, which asks if people want to list themselves as a party member. Any entries are written in; there are no check boxes.

In November 2016, the percentages were: Republican 4.60%; Democratic 4.57%; Libertarian .02%; no tally was made for Greens; independent and other 90.81%.


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