New Registration Data for the United States

Ballot Access News

The new national registration totals for the United States, in the 32 jurisdictions in which the voter registration form asks the applicant to choose a party, are:

Democratic 44,706,349 (40.30%)
Republican 32,807,417 (29.57%)
independent & misc. 30,818,334 (27.78%)
Libertarian 511,277 (.46%)
Green 258,683 (.23%)
Constitution 97,893 (.09%)
Working Families 52,748 (.05%)
Reform 5,204 (.00+%)
other parties 1,684,317 (1.52%)

The number of registered voters in the 32 jurisdictions with partisan registration is 110,942,222. That is lower than the national registration in November 2016, which was 112,518,979. It is normal for the number of registered voters to decline in the months after an election, due to list purges.

In November 2016, the percentages were: Democratic 40.60%; Republican 29.37%; Libertarian .44%; Green .23%; Constitution .08%; Working Families .05%; Reform .00+%; other parties 1.50%; independent and miscellaneous 27.72%.

In the few states that have separate numbers for active and inactive voters, this compilation uses only the active voters.

All of the data is as of mid-2017, except the California data is from February 2017; the Pennsylvania data is from April 2017; the Connecticut data is from late 2016; the Florida minor party totals are from November 2016; and the Massachusetts data for the unqualified parties is from November 2016.


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