IPR: ‘After New York Race, Larry Sharpe Might Seek 2020 Libertarian Nomination’

Independent Political Report

Excerpt from article at The Jack News:

While Libertarians, including Sharpe himself, are generally loathe to play “identity politics,” nominating an African-American could also have some appeal for Libertarians who would like to have better outreach towards an historically underrepresented demographic within the party. The LP may be eager to dispel its monochromatic stereotype.

But as with some of the other potential candidates, Sharpe would face an uphill battle in convincing delegates to pick somebody relatively unknown outside of party circles.

Much attention would likely focus on the results of his 2018 campaign. A key threshold, though modest, would be winning more than 50,000 votes and thus securing ballot status for the Libertarian Party of New York.

If he over-performs expectations and wins five percent or more, the case for giving him the 2020 nomination would be much stronger. For the time being, Sharpe is focused on running for governor, and is quick to shoot down the widespread speculation about his intentions for 2020…

To read full article, click here.



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