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American Freedom Party leader attends GOP convention, has picture taken with Milo Yiannopoulos

James & Milo

American Freedom Party director James Edwards and Milo Yiannopoulos

ATPR: James Edwards, one of the national directors of the white nationalist American Freedom Party, attended the GOP convention. His account of the experience was published on the American Freedom Party’s website on July 26th, 2016:

Veni, vidi, vici.I had the unique experience of being at the Republican National Convention last week when the center of the political universe briefly aligned in Cleveland, Ohio. It was a rewarding adventure that began on April 26 when I received an e-mail inviting me to broadcast live from the 2016 Republican and Democratic National Conventions. I’m a political independent, but having an opportunity to see the next president accept the GOP nomination proved too hard to pass up. Turning down the trip to Philadelphia was a much easier decision.

Ann Coulter & James Edwards RNC


I’ve been toiling in the vineyards of radio for almost twelve years and have developed an inadvertent knack for attracting media attention. I used to talk to the press but that all changed years ago. In fact, I’ve declined more than one hundred interview requests this year alone from some of the biggest outlets imaginable, such as the Wall Street Journal andNew York Times. I don’t mind publicity but I also don’t seek it and with rare exception stopped granting interview requests years ago. Yet they’re still drawn to me like moths to a flame. (No offense to moths.)

Perhaps it was because of this that the intrepid crew at Media Matters listed me along with such notables as Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly as one of the top twenty “right-wing media fixtures” most responsible for boosting a Trump nomination (see chart at bottom of post). You’re welcome, Mr. Trump!

They seemed to be especially incensed that a press agency scheduling interviews for Donald Trump Jr. reached out to solicit a segment on my program. But isn’t it interesting that when someone like Donald Trump Jr. speaks to someone the media hates (like me) he immediately becomes “guilty” of having associated with a supposed “racist,” while establishment media reporters can sometimes literally beg to speak with me and are never guilty of that same guilt by association?

Alas, within hours of that broadcast and subsequent report the entire national media went berserk and began lashing out with a wild and hysterical assortment of libel and slander, including the malicious lie that I am a “pro-slavery” radio host. I’ve been subjected to all sorts of untrue slurs and smears in my career, but that fabrication was a new one even after all these years.

By the time the dust began to settle after two weeks of ranting and raving I had been dogpiled by pretty much everyone, including: CNN, MSNBC, NPR, Bloomberg, The New York Times, New York Daily News, Reuters, U.K. Daily Mail, Washington Post, and nearly 150 more of the most prominent mouthpieces of the regime. Tens of millions of dollars worth of publicity was lavished on smearing me, and by a very tenuous association, Trump. I spent the month of March battling the enforcers of political correctness and emerged from the ordeal as I always do – with my shoulders squared and my head held high. I apologized for nothing and I retracted nothing.

I was on vacation at the end of April when I received the invitation to attend the conventions. My initial reaction was to simply not go. I loathe business travel and can hardly stand to be apart from my family for more than a few hours. I did, however, forward the e-mail to a few of my trusted advisers who unanimously petitioned for me to reconsider. I certainly realized this to be a unique opportunity but dreaded the process. In the end I was persuaded, but just barely. After submitting all of my personal information to the Secret Service for another background check I was cleared and later informed that my press credentials had been approved.


I had business to tend to at home and missed the first day (Monday) of the convention. Further delays on Tuesday forced me to depart late that evening. But, the Good Lord willed me into Cleveland around 3:00 AM and after a couple of hours sleep I was up and ready to go.

My RNC experience started on Tuesday, the second day of the convention. The security near Quicken Loans Arena was a labyrinth of fences and concrete barriers but navigating the maze was surprisingly easy. The officers in charge of keeping everyone safe were friendly and courteous. Quite frankly, in spite of all the senseless violence against police in recent weeks that could have understandably had the men and women of law enforcement on edge, the process of getting in and out of the perimeter area was less cumbersome than that which you would experience at the T.S.A. checkpoint at your nearest airport. I took the time to talk to the heroes from various agencies and departments all across the country and cannot say enough good things about them.

The very first person I ran into after clearing security was actor Stephen Baldwin. I now wish that I had asked him to recite his line from the scene where he and Kevin Spacey are in the lineup in The Usual Suspects.

James Edwards & Stephen Baldwin

Upon entering media row I quickly ran into, well, the usual suspects. The national media was fully represented by their agents and anchors. Everybody who was anybody in the media was in that room, including yours truly.

Due to the fact that my program airs live on Saturday night and the convention was running from Monday to Thursday, it seemed like an awful waste to not have my friend (and network owner) Sam Bushman be there, too. Sam’s Liberty Roundtable program airs weekdays and he took advantage of the opportunity to broadcast live from the RNC convention. I sat in on a couple of his shows last week and observed the wide variety of guests he was able to pull from the bustling scene.

CNN had a remote broadcast studio next to our booth and even had a makeshift studio commissary that offered free food and drinks to the press corps. My team and I hatched a plan to attempt to bankrupt CNN by eating them out of business, but I fear we may have fallen short of achieving that goal. That’s ok because CNN was actually always nice to me when I had a very brief stint as one of their on-air contributors years ago and would even properly introduce me as a conservative talk radio host during each appearance. Even last week after talking to their crew I was invited to slip back into a familiar chair.

A few days after my coronation as a bonafide media heavyweight I was offered press credentials by the Trump campaign and given permission to broadcast a live episode of The Political Cesspool Radio Program from a rally in Tennessee. A report that I penned documenting my experience at that event nearly melted the national media to its core.

On the evening of the second day we took the skywalk from the media center to the arena to watch the delegates cast their votes. A pleasant surprise occurred during these proceedings when I glanced up to notice that the RNC had featured a Tweet from my friends at VDare! I took a couple of pictures with my phone and texted them to Peter Brimelow, who promptly had one of his lieutenants publish it to their website. Within minutes I was reading news articles about how awful it was that the RNC would dare to showcase Tweets on the marquee from sensible people who agreed with the positions of their nominee!

After that fun I’ll admit that it was most certainly a memorable moment to have been there when Trump earned enough delegates to officially become the Republican nominee for president.


After getting a decent night’s sleep I felt much better rested on Wednesday and was ready for business. I spent a few minutes reading the local newspaper and then decided to get some things accomplished.

If I was going to be in Cleveland and armed with a digital audio recorder it just made sense to tape a few interviews for TPC. A trusted associate came with us prepared to work as a utility man. He was invaluable in rounding up interesting guests for me such as the infamous Milo Yiannopoulos, who had just been banned from Twitter for writing things that hurt the feelings of liberals.

James & Milo

To be sure, there was no shortage of people to talk to. The place was packed with personalities. I put in a few solid hours of taping short interviews with folks who I thought might have something interesting to say.

We then spent a little time exploring on Wednesday afternoon. There was a media shuttle that took those of us in radio and television (who were primarily set up in the adjacent arena’s luxury boxes) to a convention center a few blocks away that housed the print media. This impressive facility was right across the street from the football stadium where the Browns play, situated on the banks of Lake Erie.

We walked around a bit and Bushman even interviewed an executive at Univision who went on the record to say that in his opinion Trump is not a racist. I do legitimately wonder how much the media actually believes what it writes and how much is dramatized to generate sales and ratings.

After a hard day of talking to people we took the evening off and decided to go back to our rental home to watch the speeches on tv instead of having another late night at the arena. Mornings come early in Cleveland!


Back we go to media row where the hits just kept on coming!

I had one rather interesting exchange with a gentleman in the hall. We were engaged in small talk and shared first names. He asked where I was from and later commented that he had spent some time in my fair city. After a cordial talk I told him that I had enjoyed speaking with him but had to run. Before leaving I asked him who he was with and he responded by saying, “Oh, I’m not press. I’m the Governor of [omitted].” As you might imagine, the RNC was crawling with high ranking elected officials. By the time it was all said and done I had taped interviews with several of them.

The hours passed quickly and my visit to Ohio was a blur, but to have been in Cleveland the night Donald Trump gave his acceptance speech is a memory that will linger. I have the blessing of leading an interesting life and, politically speaking, it has been one without regrets.


Well, White House credentials, of course!

No, seriously, I hesitate to mar an otherwise interesting and uplifting report but if the treatment visited upon me after having been credentialed to a random Trump stump speech earlier this year is any indication then I expect that the media will once again react hysterically and bombard with an impressively creative array of libel and slander. In an attempt to get out ahead of it and save myself from having to respond later, I’ll go ahead and tell you how this story ends.

They’ll once again pretend that I’m an extremist, a racist and a white supremacist. Don’t they now do this to everyone with whom they disagree? I read last week that Rep. Steve King (R-IA) was said to have been promoting a “white supremacist” talking point for simply having complimented Western civilization. Is that all it takes to earn one the label of “white supremacist” in Obama’s America? (I wrote a book about a similar phenomenon.)

They’ll attempt to tie Trump and the RNC to this ridiculous caricature they’ve conjured of me. Some readers and viewers who stumble upon their nonsense will be shocked at some of the ugly and dishonest language that they’ll use to describe me. That’s alright; it’s only because there are still a few folks who don’t understand that the way the media uses words is not the same way normal people use them. For the benefit of the uninitiated, I’ve included for you a media-to-English translator:

  • Extremist – normal American
  • Racist – a White person
  • White supremacist – anybody who doesn’t hate White people

Some of the more radical enforcers of political correctness will even pretend that I’m a “Nazi.” That’s rich. I guess that my interview with Pat Buchanan about his book on World War II makes me so. This is the behavior I’ve come to expect from thugs.

When the media refers to me in such terms it is a dishonest and blatant distortion of the facts. For good reason there exists no record on tape or in print where I have ever identified myself as any of the slurs that they use to defame me and my work. To refer to me as such is a lie employed to make a story seem more inflammatory. I hope that the open-minded and tolerant individual will do their own research and find the truth right here.

I’ve been through it countless times before and almost every time the media covers me they follow the same template and regurgitate the same pre-written story, adding in only a few details. They’ll undoubtedly mention the plank in the mission statement of my show that encourages Europeans and European Americans to revive their birthrate above replacement level fertility. Yeah, I’m a real bad guy for wanting the sons and daughters of Europe to survive. I guess you can’t be in with the in-crowd unless you advocate for their extinction.

Again, when it comes time to maliciously defame people like me who are hated by the media the narrative is already written in advance and facts bear no weight whatsoever. A dishonest reporter or journalist will scour thousands of blog entries on my website, then take a sentence or two out of context from blurbs posted upwards of ten years ago and present that to the world as the sum total of my beliefs today without ever contacting me for verification. That’s fine. I don’t apologize.

Any honest person would be embarrassed by employing these tactics, but then again, honesty is never high on their list of priorities. One thing is for sure, whatever lie is dispatched by the first outlet will be literally vomited back up by all the others. If it appears as though the representatives of the media speak with a single voice there is good reason for that.

The media will also seek to attack anyone who talked to me in Cleveland – especially elected officials – during its childlike fit of left-wing McCarthyism. It won’t matter that they probably didn’t know who I was; I certainly didn’t know who they were until receiving a card. If the media should choose to play this game again then I want it to be sure to eat some of its own as well because I talked to an awful lot of liberals who were equally courteous to me.


The media can repeat its lies about political dissidents such as myself but it can never make them true. The trust the American people have in the media has never been lower because everyone can see that most reporters have long since abandoned objective reporting and now fancy themselves as the enforcers of political correctness. I may get “disavowed” by all sorts of people because I maintain traditionalist viewpoints, but it ultimately makes no difference whatsoever. I’m loved and respected by those who know me and what more can any man ask for? The opinions of those who are driven by a biased ideology and who have no truth or objectivity in them will not deter me. At the end of the day I know who I am. I’m a Christian, a husband, a father, a proud Southerner, a political paleoconservative and, unquestionably, an advocate on behalf of European Americans.

I feel as though members of every racial and ethnic group have the right to spokesmen and organizations that seek to advance their unique interests. This is not only allowed but encouraged so long as the individual is not of European descent. This double-standard must change. Organizations proliferate that seek to advance the interests of various minorities but only when someone such as myself claims equal rights for my own people do sociopolitical nuclear bombs such as “racist” begin to get hurled.

It is healthy for groups to show solidarity and preference with those whom they share a common ancestry, culture, heroes, history, holidays, language and religion. I would never say that minority groups shouldn’t have this right and having a natural preference doesn’t mean that you “hate” others. I don’t hate anyone, but I also won’t allow myself to be shamed when I say that I feel more at home with others who share my cultural heritage. I can just as confidently tell you that I have never mistreated or in any way been unkind to a man or woman of another race. I’m one of the most gregarious men you’ll ever meet, but I do maintain opinions that are genuine and heartfelt and intentionally misconstrued by the corrupt media.

D'nesh DeSouza

For all of this talk about diversity it surely isn’t appreciated when someone like me displays a diversity of opinion in an attempt to voice politically incorrect truths as I see them. I can’t stop liars from lying but I can attempt to fight back. Earlier this year I filed a lawsuit against a major newspaper and one of its journalists in which I allege that they defamed me by falsely stating that I am a leader of the Ku Klux Klan.

DETROIT, Mich. (CN) — Call conservative radio talk show host James Edwards a hate monger, just don’t call him a member of the Ku Klux Klan.

Edwards sued the Detroit News and one of its columnists, who printed that he was a leader of the Ku Klux Klan. The column, which appeared in the newspaper on March 17, listed Edwards alongside David Duke and Thomas Robb as one of the Klan’s leaders.


By insinuating that Edwards as a Klansman, however, the Detroit News crossed a line, one that involves libel and invasion of privacy, according to the lawsuit.


Nearly a month after the column ran, Edwards’ attorney on April 5 sent the newspaper a demand for retraction. The Detroit News has since issued a clarification stating that Edwards “has no formal position with the Ku Klux Klan” and that Edwards’ support for Trump “left the impression that Edwards served in an official capacity with the Ku Klux Klan.”


In March 2016, Edwards interviewed Donald Trump Jr. on his show, during which Edwards praised his guest’s father and supported his presidential run.

“Here in the South, evangelicals are in a frenzy over your father, and in a very big way,” Edwards said during the show. “I have never voted for a Republican nominee. I’ve always voted conservative third party. I will vote for a Republican nominee for the first time in my life in November.”


When asked to comment, Detroit News managing editor Gary Miles replied in an email, “On behalf of all of us here, we’re not interested in commenting.”

I am willing to appeal this case all the way to the Supreme Court in my quest for justice. A line must be drawn. Should the media continue to seek an audience with me I’d like to go ahead and make it clear right here and now that it’s a waste of time. It has long been my policy to only consent to live television or radio interviews and the reason for that should be obvious.

My official statement in response to whatever outlandishly manufactured narrative comes from my trip to Cleveland will essentially be the same as before.

My show, The Political Cesspool, promotes a proud, paleoconservative Christian worldview, and we reject media descriptions of our work as “white supremacist,” “white nationalist” and other such scare words.

I enjoyed my time in Cleveland and appreciated having the opportunity to cover the convention for my audience.

The grotesque way in which the media has purposefully misrepresented my work for years is both shameful and reprehensible. That said, I apologize for nothing and I retract nothing.

Thanks for reading, ladies and gentlemen.

Political Power for European Americans!

European peoples should organize and advance our own interests just like every other group. Join our fight for Heritage and Identity!

The American Freedom Party (AFP) supports the right to keep and bear arms. Emancipate yourself from the dinosaur Democrat and Republican parties. Join a National Party that puts America first, The American Freedom Party!
Support American Freedom Party growth and our heritage of Western civilization! The American Freedom Party is the only party that addresses issues concerning European-American communities and all Americans.

Nationalism! Not Globalism! — America First! Not America Last!
Freedom from Republicans. Freedom from Democrats. American Freedom Party! Political Power for European-Americans!

European-Americans should push back! European-Americans should abandon the Republicans and Democrats. Change your party allegiance to the American Freedom Party. A Nationalist Party that shares the customs and heritage of the European American people. We need a Nationalist Party interested in defending our borders, preserving our language and promoting our culture. The American Freedom Party is not beholden to foreign governments, special interest groups, nor Wall Street. The American Freedom Party is for America First!

(End of the post on the American Freedom Party’s website)

ATPR: The American Freedom Party’s presidential candidate, Bob Whitaker, resigned from running as the party’s standard bearer due to what he perceived to be the party’s open support for Donald Trump at the expense of his own campaign. Whitaker’s former running mate, Tom Bowie, is now running as the American Freedom Party presidential candidate, though the party makes no mention of this on its website. 

Congressional candidate says “Make America White Again”


Congressional candidate Rick Tyler posted the above banner to his website

Rick Tyler is an independent candidate for Congress in Tennessee’s 3rd district. He has been endorsed in his bid by the Traditionalist Worker Party and is also being supported by the American Freedom Party. On July 18th, 2016, Tyler posted an article to his campaign website entitled “Make America White Again.” From

Who in their right mind would argue that the Leave It to Beaver, Ozzie and Harriet, Mayberry America wasn’t superior to America in 2016? That America of yesteryear was one where you left your doors unlocked…and where there was inordinately less violent crime. There were no home invasions, carjackings, Muslim mosques, or radical jihadist sleeper cells. And…most significantly…it was an America that was in excess of 85% white in its demographic composition.

Interestingly…even in modern America…when the population of a given area is overwhelmingly white…there continue to exist the qualities of a safe and peaceful Norman Rockwell America. As tyrannical federal power has systematically maneuvered to force feed their social engineering schemes to an unsuspecting public, America has steadily devolved into something more akin to the violence prone, impoverished third world.

In response to government’s attempts to impose mandatory integration upon the white population, Caucasians have typically resorted to a low key, no fanfare exodus from the cities and urban centers.

No Place Left to Retreat To

As the years and decades have unfolded, the Caucasian race has very much begun running out of havens to which they can retreat. Yes…the swelling ranks of non-whites have become so great that whites are moving rapidly toward becoming a statistical minority in the nation their racial ancestors established. Legal and illegal non-white immigration are growing by leaps and bounds.

White super majority localities are decreasing at an alarming rate and national government is accelerating the pace of official programs designed to hasten substantial minority influx into localities alleged to be “lacking in diversity.” These insidious and unconstitutional programs will most assuredly go forth unabated in the absence of determined and forceful resistance. White Christian Americans must awaken to the reality that forsaking and squandering one’s birthright is serious sin in the eyes of God.

Specific Policy Advocacy

The Rick Tyler For Congress campaign advocates for the following policy directives in the administration of governmental activity.

– The cessation of all non-white legal immigration.

– Promotion of maximum Caucasian immigration, primarily from Europe, South Africa and former Rhodesia.

– Termination of domestic policies that subsidize non-white birthrates.

– Strict enforcement of the southern border.

– Deportation of illegal immigrants currently in the nation.

– Elimination of birthright citizenship for those born of illegal immigrants.

Such action on the part of government would send a clear and unmistakable message concerning the need to return to an historically proper white American super majority.

Traditionalist Worker Party endorses Rick Tyler for Congress

From the American Freedom Party website, July 12th, 2016:

by Matthew Heimbach — The growth of the Traditionalist Worker Party has humbled me and every member of our leadership team. Through your sacrifices we are establishing new chapters, planning new projects, and we have now made our first political endorsement!

Rick Tyler For Congress 2016

Rick Tyler is a 2016 independent candidate seeking election to the U.S. House to represent the 3rd Congressional District of Tennessee under the motto of “Make America White Again.” Mr. Tyler has happily accepted our endorsement and asked for assistance from our Party to help him in his race.

And now Chairman William Johnson and the American Freedom Party also endorse Rick Tyler.

Rick Tyler TennesseeMr. Tyler is a family man, small business owner and utterly devoted to building a better future for his children, grandchildren and all White children. His positions include supporting Traditional values, supporting symbols of our people that are under attack such as the Confederate battle flag, restoring sovereignty to the States and local communities, and opposing both globalism and Zionism.

While we had planned a rally in New York for July 30th, Mr. Tyler asked if we could bump the event in New York back a bit in order to help him with his kickoff rally in Tennessee. While the enemy took down Mr. Tyler’s billboards in TN, he has purchased a campaign bus with a billboard on each side to ensure that all the people of East Tennessee will see his message. July 30th was his original planned day to unveil the bus and our Party is happy to be there to stand in solidarity and support of Mr. Tyler.

His first campaign rally that will include live music performed by our very own Paddy Tarleton, speeches by nationalist leaders (myself included), activism, and fellowship. It will be on friendly private property, without any knife fighting or any hordes of knife-wielding trannies and illegals.

The rally will be on July 30th at the White Water Grill which is located at 1224 Hwy 64, Ocoee, TN 37361, with festivities kicking off at 10am and going throughout the day. The Grill is owned by Mr. Tyler so be sure to bring an appetite to help support a fellow nationalist’s small business and prepare for a day of fun, unity, and most importantly; action!

All Party comrades who can attend are asked to wear their Party shirts to the event and come prepared for an exciting debut for our Party’s first endorsed candidate. While we’re working hard to set everything up with our local chapters, this will likely be the first opportunity many of you will have to meet your fellow comrades.

Stand strong my brothers and sisters. The pendulum of history is swinging in our favor and through our first candidate we shall show the potential our Party has to challenge the political Establishment. I hope to see many of you on July 30th! Hail Victory!

ATPR: According to the website of the Traditionalist Workers Party, the party promotes:


European-Americans are the descendants of indigenous people of Europe. They are often identified on government forms as Caucasian or ‘white’. We believe that European-American identity is under constant attack by members of American institutions such as the state, education, culture and even churches. We reject racial supremacism, and believe all the world’s peoples should embrace and celebrate their sacred heritage and identities.


Tradition is more than the healthy habits of one’s forefathers. It’s an entirely different approach to life, one centered on the transcendent, perennial, and organic over the material, individual, and selfish life.


For most of European and and European-American history, until the 20th century, social and economic institutions were established at a local level. This made it possible for people to understand and interact directly with those institutions. You could say they had a human scale.


According to, ethnopluralists assert the principle of “right to difference”, even defending the identities of immigrants, and argue for regional ethnic or racial separatism (the plurality of ethno-identities). It is therefore multiculturalism in the sense of multiple cultures or ethnicities existing in a country, but seperated in their own enclaves, to safeguard those differences.

Read the full platform of the Traditionalist Workers Party here. 


In the shadow of Trump, David Duke announces run for U.S. Senate

Today, the 1988 presidential candidate of the Populist Party and internationally known white nationalist David Duke announced his candidacy for an open U.S. Senate seat in Louisiana as a Republican.

Duke, 66,  who was initially affiliated with the National Socialist White People’s Party  at the onset of what would become his lengthy political career, ran as the presidential nominee of the nationalist, Willis Carto founded Populist Party in the 1988 presidential election. Floyd Parker and Trenton Stokes both appeared as the running mates of Duke in different states. Duke received 47,047 votes nationwide, for 0.04% of the total votes cast; his best showing was in his home state of Louisiana, where he won 1.14% of the vote. Despite his notoriety, Duke’s performance represented the lowest showing of the three presidential candidates that the Populist Party fielded during the course of its existence from 1984 to 1996: former Olympic gold medalist Bob Richards received 66,324 votes (0.07%) in the 1984 presidential election and in 1992, Bo Gritz, a retired U.S. Army lieutenant colonel who garnered attention in his role as a mediator during the siege of Ruby Ridge in August of that year,  received 107,014 votes, or 0.10%.

From 1999 to 2001, Duke was a member of the Reform Party and supported Pat Buchanan in his presidential campaign. Duke’s involvement in the Reform Party was cited as one reason by Donald Trump, who Duke now often praises,  of why he left the party and ended a brief flirtation with a possible run for president with the party that had been created to serve as a political vehicle for Ross Perot in 1996.

Duke has additionally maintained ties with such European “third” parties such as the British National Party and the National Democratic Party of Germany. Many individuals involved in European nationalist and right-wing populist political parties have, like Duke, expressed words of support for the Trump phenomenon; Dutch Party for Freedom leader Geert Wilders attended this week’s GOP convention and the founder of the National Front, Frenchman Jean-Marie Le Pen, tweeted in February that ““If I were American, I would vote Donald Trump.”

Inspired by Trump’s populist rhetoric and strong support among the white nationalist community, including the American Freedom Party, Duke has decided to return to electoral politics after an prolonged absence of more than sixteen years, an absence that although included a 15-month stint in federal prison for felony tax fraud on a conviction that Duke aggressively disputes in his best-selling book, My Awakening, was also a time in which, specifically in 2005, Duke received a PhD in history from the Ukrainian Interregional Academy of Personnel Management, who’s alumni include the first Jewish prime minister of Ukraine, Volodymyr Groysman. Duke sees Trump’s popularity as a vindication of his long-held political views that Duke has argued for as being based on the principle of “America first”.

Duke’s announcement has garnered national media attention. Below is full the transcript of Duke’s announcement video:

After the great outpouring, overwhelming support, I’m proud to announce my candidacy for the United States Senate. I believe in equal rights for all, and respect for all. However, what makes me different, is I also demand respect for the rights and heritage of European Americans. I passed the only bill in America forbidding affirmative action programs that racially discriminate against the best qualified. Thousands of special interest groups stand up for African Americans, Mexican Americans, Jewish Americans, etc etc.

The fact is that European Americans need at least one man in the United States Senate. One man in the Congress, who will defend their rights and heritage. We must stop the massive immigration, and ethnic cleansing of people who’s forefathers created America.

I was the first major candidate in modern times to promote the term and policy of America first. We cannot have free trade without fair trade. We must protect American jobs and businesses. We must have total campaign reform. It’s time to end all political PAC money and the control of politics by the oligarchs of finance and media. We must enforce anti-trust laws to break up the anti-American huge media conglomerates.

The New York Times admitted that my platform became the GOP mainstream and propelled Republicans to control of Congress. They sold us out. I’m overjoyed to see Donald Trump, and most Americans embrace most of the issues that I’ve championed for years. My slogan remains America first. I’ve always said equal rights for all, special interests for none, I’ve always opposed these wars that lead our nation to disaster. I’ve supported fair trade.

The people of Louisiana and America must have at least one man in the Senate who will never surrender, never give up, never sell out to the special interests. The time is now. Revolution is coming in the United States of America. For the real people, the vast majority of the American people, we are going to go against the special interests, free our country, and we are going to change the politics of America.

Duke has already launched a campaign website. The former Louisiana state representative lists seven campaign platform planks on his “issues” page: stopping the “ethnic cleansing of America,” ending the Federal Reserve, an “America First” foreign policy, term limits and “total campaign reform,” stopping the “racist discrimination of affirmative action programs,” an end to the IRS and the institution of a 10 percent “flat tax,” and on the issue of education, implementing a 50 percent tax credit for parents who send their children to private or religious schools.

According to Politico, the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) has disavowed Duke, saying that “he will not have the support of the NCSC under any circumstance.” In issuing a formal statement, the Republican Party of Louisiana was much more blunt about Duke, calling the 1991 Republican gubernatorial nominee and former one-term state legislator a “hate-filled fraud”:

LAGOP Condemns David Duke, Calls Him a “Hate-filled Fraud”

Today, Roger Villere, chairman of the Republican Party of Louisiana, issued the following statement regarding news that David Duke is running for public office:

“The Republican Party opposes, in the strongest possible terms, David Duke’s candidacy for any public office. David Duke is a convicted felon and a hate-filled fraud who does not embody the values of the Republican Party. The Party of Lincoln and Reagan is one that recognizes the inherent value of every human life, regardless of age, religion or race. David Duke’s history of hate marks a dark stain on Louisiana’s past and has no place in our current conversation. The Republican Party of Louisiana will play an active role in opposing David Duke’s candidacy.”

Duke responded to the GOP during a press conference, saying, “I thank the Republican Party for coming out officially against me.”

In addition to running against a plethora of Democrats and Republicans, Duke will face two Libertarian Party candidates, Thomas Clements and Le Roy Gillum, as well as at least five independents: Troy Herbert, Bob Lang, Kaitlin Marone, Gregory Taylor and Arden Wells; all candidates, regarding of party affiliation or lack thereof, will compete in Louisiana’s unique “jungle primary” election on November 8th.

Duke’s campaign website is

Darrell Castle Supporter Has White Supremacist Ties, Features Various Anti-Semitic Articles On His Website

by Cody Quirk

constipRecently, the presidential candidate of the Constitution Party, Darrell Castle, released a list of featured endorsements on his campaign website, which was covered by the American Third Party Report news website.

Sam Bushman

James Edwards

One particular endorsement of Mr. Castle’s candidacy, however, came from Sam Bushman of the radio/news website Liberty Roundtable. Mr. Bushman has been involved with various Constitution Party events in the past, and even maintains ties with Tennessee political activist & American Freedom Party member James Edwards and his radio show The Political Cesspool. The Political Cesspool in fact has featured various KKK, neo-nazi, and white nationalists as guests on the show in the past. In addition, even former 2004 Constitution Party presidential candidate Michael Peroutka has appeared previously on James’s show. Mr. Bushman even guest-hosted for The Political Cesspool on February 27th of this year on Mr. Edwards’s behalf while he reported live from a Trump rally. In addition, Mr. Bushman and Mr. Edwards interviewed the son of GOP front-runner Donald Trump on the March 1st 2016 edition of Liberty Roundtable. Yet shortly thereafter Donald Trump Jr. and a spokesman for his father’s campaign afterwards backtracked and denounced both the interview and Mr. Edwards; insisting that they were unaware of the racial views and controversial nature of Edwards and his show. Bushman, however, defended setting up the interview and his co-host’s credentials.

However, delving into the numerous post archives of one particular LRT author by the name of Henry Makow, does one discover numerous extreme and quite racially-charged articles contained within; which the titles alone reveal more then enough, for example- Did Illuminati Jewish Bankers Poison FDR?, Jewish Imperialism is Backdrop to Russian History, David Irving: Churchill Warmonger vs. Hilter Peacemaker, all can be found on Bushman’s website.

A good example of one particular article on LRT; 2016 – Zionist (Satanic) Control to Increase -perhaps is best highlighted by these excerpts from that article:

“…When Israel returned the Sinai after the 1973 October War, my misgivings were assuaged.  But I now understand that this was only a temporary setback. Israel is indeed on the vanguard of a Satanist-Imperialist design that applies not only to the Middle East but, under US and NATO auspices, to the whole world.
The Zionist (Mossad) false flag attack on the World Trade Center was a pretext for renewed Zionist imperialist expansion. Shortly after, a plan to attack Afghanistan and seven other countries was revealed.  “We’re going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran…”
“…Tens of millions of people have died or suffered grievously because of this satanist agenda. All citizens of the West, and especially Zionists and Masons are complicit. Our governments have gone rogue. Our political, economic and cultural leadership consists of collaborators in the Masonic Jewish credit scam. (Money, the medium of exchange no different from a coupon, is created in the form of a “debt” to a handful of satanist families. Government could create this medium debt and interest-free) The “leadership” is complicit in the cover up of numerous false flag attacks, some like 9-11 killing thousands…
“…I expect the trend toward mental and physical enslavement will continue in 2016, with the government acting as a proxy for the Masonic Jewish (Satanist) bankers who are behind the NWO. i.e. world Communism.
“In the Protocols of Zion, (16) the author says they will destroy every “collective force” except their own. The four legs of our collective identity are family, nation, race and religion (God.)”
Henry Makow

Henry Makow

Indeed, these articles alone are quite extreme and lacking in factual information. If one even types in the word ‘Masonic‘ into the search engine of the LRT website; immediately articles of the same fringe, harsh nature with rhetoric that matches the quoted samples above pop up all over the search page. Upon further examination, however, one can still at least find more mild and generally constitutionalist-oriented articles, including ones written by Constitution Party of Washington’s Robert Peck, or even Pastor Chuck Baldwin himself included.

While the evidence is solid that Mr. Castle, Mr. Peck and especially Pastor Baldwin in no way condone and/or share such racially-tinged beliefs & viewpoints as that of Mr. Makow, and such individuals are even more likely unaware of Makow’s highly extremist rhetoric within the Liberty Roundtable website; nevertheless, the fact that Darrell Castle, who is trying to appeal to the disgruntled American voter with his message of constitutional government, individual liberty, and also reestablished moral, traditional values rooted upon Biblical law -however his attempts to claim to be more libertarian then Libertarian Party candidate Gary Johnson, irregardless of his flaunting endorsement of a man tied in with racial collectivism (white supremacy) and possibly even, dare I say- National Socialism -when including the various writings and hate-filled rantings of Mr. Makow, and the equally as controversial guests of the linked radio show The Political Cesspool -does not a Libertarian, or even a libertarian, make.

Furthermore, even without mentioning Sam Bushman and his associates in this discussion; certain podcasts on his online radio show, The Castle Report, do not in anyway serve his “libertarian” credentials well, as compared to his past statements on particular social issues, which further hinders whatever libertarian ‘appeal’ he actually has, or has not, when it comes to certain aspects of his political party’s ultra-religious national platform, of which he has yet to fully embrace, or reject in his current campaign.

Yet, judging by the nature of some of his supporters as evidenced here; his libertarianism, or lack thereof, is probably the least of his worries, at this point.

American Freedom Party Responds to Homeland Security Advisory Council Report

The following letter from the nationalist American Freedom Party (written by American Freedom Party directors Kevin MacDonald and Tom Sunic) was published on the Occidental Observer website (where 14 comments can be read) on June 28th, 2016:


American Freedom Party
2753 Broadway, Suite 245
New York, NY 10025
Tel.  (213) 621-3000
Fax: (213) 621-2900

June 27, 2016


-The Honorable Jeh Johnson
Secretary of Homeland Security
Washington, D.C. 20528

-Mr. William Webster (Chair)
Homeland Security Advisory Council Member

Re: Countering Violent Extremism (CVE) Subcommittee Interim Report and Recommendations (June 2016)

Dear Madams, Sirs:

The June 2016 Interim Report by the Homeland Security Advisory Council (HSAC) contains a number of factual, conceptual, and semantic errors that need to be critically addressed, and possibly revised. While we are aware that the USA is faced with threats to its domestic security, and that the DHS must therefore encourage cooperation with various academic and non-governmental bodies in assuring the safety of the American people, we have serious concerns with the HSAC’s choice of words and with the sources it quotes.

The commendable objective of the HSAC Report is to alert the American public to the rise of radical and unconstitutional behavior among American youth. Why then does the author of the Report, in describing “extremist  groups,”  resort to loaded, unfair terminology, such as “violent extremism “ and “white supremacism” when describing peaceful groups such as the American Freedom Party (AFP)? Thus, in Chapter III, titled “Generational Threat,” the HSAC author writes that “the American Freedom Party, a white supremacist group, recently established a youth wing…” As his source, the HSAC author quotes the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), an activist organization whose own ethnic agenda hardly qualifies it as able to provide a neutral assessment of the American political scene. Such groups are incapable of providing useful, unbiased information for the DHS staff.

The locution “white supremacist” used in the HSAC Report has become a standard insult whose value-laden meaning serves primarily as a way of closing off discussion and debate about the legitimate interests of Americans of European cultural heritage. Another technique is to call European Americans “racists” when they seek to advance the interests of their group — at the same time that all other Americans are strongly encouraged to identify with their racial or ethnic group and band together to promote their interests. Likewise, the phrase “violent extremism”, also used in the HSAC Report, should only be used to describe groups with a history of promoting violence — certainly not the stance of the American Freedom Party.

The American Freedom Party is a law-abiding party whose primary goal is to educate young Americans of European ancestry about their heritage and culture. This goal is achieved by educating citizens on a range of academic subjects; from classical literature to sociobiology. Of course, we cannot keep track of the pedigree of all our members or all our sympathizers; nor can we exclude the possibility that some “Hollywood Nazis” or other agents provocateurs may identify with the AFP for reasons that are thoroughly incompatible with AFP goals.

Of far more interest to the HASC should be violence-prone, “diversity”-championing activists on the Left who thrive in the highly politicized atmosphere of American colleges and universities. The AFP considers these groups to be a far more significant threat to the stability of America and to the preservation of traditional American freedoms such as freedom of speech — an issue which the HASC should examine in depth in future reports.

On a personal level, I, T. Sunic, as a naturalized American citizen, having spent a good portion of my youth in communist ex-Yugoslavia, am well-acquainted with the narratives of the former communist regimes in Eastern Europe and their similarity to various semantic distortions in the present political and mainstream media and academic discourse in the USA, including the discourse of the HSAC report. The author of the HASC Report may or may not be aware that his prose often lapses into the type of “millenarian”, eschatological prose that bears a strange, if less threatening, resemblance to the former Sovietukases.

Feel free to call or write if I /we can be of any assistance.


Tom Sunic, Ph.D                                                     
Author, former Prof. of Pol. Sc., former diplomat
Member of the Board of Directors, AFP
Cell. 00385 91 1722 783

Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D
Author, emeritus Prof. of Psychology
Member of the Board of Directors, AFP

cc: Loretta E. Lynch
Attorney General of the United States
U.S. Department of Justice
Washington, DC 20530-0001


American Freedom Party chairman William Johnson on MSNBC: “Trump is making Nationalism popular”

From the American Freedom Party YouTube channel, June 8th, 2016:

American Freedom Party: The USS Liberty Sailors: No Memorial Services

The following was posted on the American Freedom Party website on May 31st, 2016:

On this 2016 Memorial Day, much like all Memorial Day commemorations since 1968, no official recognition or memorial services will be held to honor the 34 dead and the 167 wounded US Navy Men, reveals Counterpunch’s writer RAOUF HALABY.

In what has to be one of the most cowardly and expedient political decisions made by a Commander in Chief, politicians, and top brass to uphold the constitution of the United States and to defend American citizens, Lyndon Johnson and his underlings orchestrated a cover up of epic proportions.

USS Liberty Attack

Today no one will hear about the Israeli June 8, 1967 assault on the USS Liberty, an attack so cowardly and so heinous that it exposes Israel’s penchant for manufacturing facts and its ability to manipulate American leadership and the media to gloss over its dastardly deeds.

On that infamous 8th day of June 1967, and in an act of cowardly and pre-meditated murder, the USS Liberty, even though she was flying the American flag, was repeatedly attacked by Israeli French-made jet fighters and torpedo boats. When it was all said and done, 34 American navy men were killed and 167 were wounded. (See: Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty, Revisited by Jeffrey St. Clair.)

One of the most treasured books in my personal library is an autographed copy of LCMDR’s James Ennes’ 1978 book under the title “Assault on the Liberty.” In a meticulously-documented narrative, this naval officer, defying US official policy, wrote a minute-by-minute account of the hours-long assault on an un-armed US ship. In chilling and vivid detail, the navy commander provides a chronological pre/during/and/post account of the unprovoked assault and the shameful complicity of Lyndon Johnson in what has to be the most appalling US governmental cover up of a murderous act in which American servicemen were shamefully disposed as political fodder in a shabbily orchestrated and despicable chess game.

In the mid 1980’s I attended a LCMDR James Ennes lecture on said assault at a Washington, DC venue; hence my prized autographed book. In perhaps one of the most engaging and compelling lectures I’d ever attended, the Commander took a whole passel of cowardly politicians and top brass to task for walking out on the men they were sworn to protect. By the late seventies the by-then well-established and powerful Israeli Lobby, AIPAC (and all its tentacles under different labels), wielded great power to effect a pro-Zionist, pro-Israel government within a government.

As chilling and as forceful as Commander Ennes’ presentation about the despicable assault was, his account of how he was stymied in his efforts to research, write and publish the book were equally horrifying. After the book was published and, as usual when it comes to Israeli transgressions, coast to coast efforts were made to prevent the book from being sold in bookstores. And, when the networks held live interviews with Commander Ennes, spineless TV anchors/hosts conducted gutless interviews and made sinister attempts to discredit him.

One of the things that was seared in my mind was the Commander’s comment during the question-answer session about the pernicious attempts not only to keep the book from being distributed, but the repeated, yet again, coast-to coast disappearance of books from public and university library shelves. The folks who were not comfortable with the facts were, in 1984 fashion, pilfering and disposing of American naval history in a most deliberate and craven effort to reduce the lives of brave American servicemen to rubbish by maliciously deviant politicians and Israeli spokespeople and their ilk.

When it comes to Israeli crimes and policies and in typical fashion, American leaders’ rebukes of lily-livered Israeli violations of all decent international norms are but mere mousy, if not apologetic rebukes. Breaking away from Johnson’s acquiescence and timorous response, on June 10, 1967, Secretary of State Dean Rusk sent the following pusillanimous missive to the Israeli Ambassador:

“At the time of the attack, the USS Liberty was flying the American flag and its identification was clearly indicated in large white letters and numerals on its hull. … Experience demonstrates that both the flag and the identification number of the vessel were readily visible from the air… Accordingly, there is every reason to believe that the USS Liberty was identified, or at least her nationality determined, by Israeli aircraft approximately one hour before the attack. … The subsequent attack by the torpedo boats, substantially after the vessel was or should have been identified by Israeli military forces, manifests the same reckless disregard for human life.”

Former noted US diplomat and UC Berkeley scholar George Lenczowski opined that: “It was significant that, in contrast to his secretary of state, President Johnson fully accepted the Israeli version of the tragic incident.” He further commented that “Johnson himself only included one small paragraph about the Liberty in his autobiography, in which he accepted the Israeli explanation of ‘error’, but also minimized the whole affair and distorted the actual number of dead and wounded, by lowering them from 34 to 10 and 171 to 100, respectively.”

Some observers believe that Johnson was Rasputinized by the duo Kalb brothers/reporters and needed sugar coated reports on his descent into the abyss of an American created Vietnamese hell, that phony excuse “to keep the[Comminists] out of Southeast Asia.” As further proof of Johnson’s spineless complicity in the cover up, USS Liberty Captain William McGonagle was awarded the coveted Medal of Honor not at the White House (as is customary), but in a hushed ceremony at the Washington Navy Yard. Adding insult to injury, the award, customarily presented by the President of the United States, was awarded in a muted and non-public ceremony by the Secretary of the Navy.

Evil is always orchestrated by evil men and women, and it is always stage-managed behind drawn curtains.

To quash the somewhat tepid concern of American citizens, other awards were presented behind drawn curtains, thus reducing the servicemen to extra, disposable characters. At no time, however, was Israel mentioned as a perpetrator.

There is no denying that The USS Liberty was an American spy ship; that, in the heat of the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, it was spying on Russian, Egyptian, and Israeli communications; that it was sailing 30 miles north of the Sinai Peninsula, and that it was sailing in a westerly direction, well away from Israel and Egypt; that it was unarmed; that its several calls for help to the US’s 6th Fleet headquarters were both disregarded and stymied by Washington; that the initial assault took out its communications tower was a deliberate act intended to render it incommunicado; that Israel had hoped to lay the blame on Egypt, hence begetting Washington’s wrath on Egypt; that Johnson entertained dropping nuclear bombs on Egypt (four nuclear armed US Navy planes in the Western Mediterranean were ordered back to ship); that the ship was in International Waters; that, with American official complicity, Israel, like no other country, got away with killing and injuring Americans with not even a mild slap; that, perhaps most ironically, the umbilical cord which has pumped over 100 billion taxpayer dollars into Israeli coffers, will give (compliments of Barak Obama) this rogue nation an additional 45 billion dollars over a 10 year period, an amount which Netanyahu thinks too meager. Dude’s finagling a much higher handout to which he, his government, and AIPAC feel entitled.

So, on this, the 2016 Memorial Day, let’s hear it for the USS Liberty dead and wounded. Let’s honor their memory by acknowledging their sacrifices. Let us have a moment of silence so that we, the living, will accord them and their families the dignity and respect they deserve and, most significantly, that their lives mattered, and that they should not be reduced to a meager footnote in the appendix of recorded US history. Rather, they should be accorded the same tombstone on that hallowed ground of those who served.

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Raouf J. Halaby has just recently been awarded a Professor Emeritus status. He taught English and art for 42 years. He is a writer, a sculptor, a photographer, and an avid gardener.

Bob Whitaker: The Whitaker for President Campaign is now Independent

Email from the Bob Whitaker campaign:

Issue 2 | May 19, 2016

The Whitaker for President Campaign is now Independent

The Whitaker for President Campaign continues and it surges forward.

At the beginning of April Bob Whitaker and his then VP Tom Bowie made the decision to leave the American Freedom Party (AFP) due to the fact that the party was going off message.

The AFP’s whole approach is to get media attention, any media attention, but it doesn’t matter the ineffectiveness of the media reports. They also decided to moderate the message, choosing to go with “Physical Administrative Removal of Peoples of European Extraction”, instead of our most effective and VIRAL meme to date, WHITE GENOCIDE.

But Bob and his team didn’t want to stop there, since we have achieved so much exposure to White Genocide with Bob running for President.

Bob is now running an independent campaign, with no party affiliation and no VP. Tom Bowie has decided to stay on with the AFP. He is now their presidential candidate.

With Bob still being a candidate, we get all the same candidate benefits as an independent. We still get the “Equal Access Broadcasting” rights.

So we plan to use those rights.

With donations to Bob’s campaign we will be able to do more robocalls and reach hundreds of thousands of people with our message, while gaining considerable media attention at the same time.

With the equal access broadcasting rights, we also get radio ads for $10 per 30 seconds. These we can’t start until four months prior to the general election. Robocalls we can do now.

Bob’s campaign is far from over, and we plan to use it for as much as we can until November.

As Bob said recently “When the big news was the AFP having Jared Taylor speaking for them instead of me, MY big news was that ‘white genocide’ had just gone OFFICIALLY viral.” And, after watching the CNN show United Shades of America, which featured our billboard and people using our terms like pro-white and white genocide Bob said, “Lord, what can I say? We’re dictating the whole dialogue now.”

With your support we can continue to surge forward in exposing this anti-white system and its program of White Genocide.

Please Donate to Bob Whitaker for President 2016

Bob Whitaker for President Website

American Freedom Party: Donald Trump in Eugene, OR

The following article was written by Kevin MacDonald, who serves as a director for the American Freedom Party. It was published on the American Freedom Party website today:

By Kevin MacDonald — A Trump speech has to be experienced in person to really begin to grasp the incredible appeal this man has generated. The atmosphere inside the convention center in Eugene was electric. There were around ~5000 supporters —close to capacity, with many more outside who were, according to Trump, prevented from getting in because of fire regulations (Trump: “What are they worried about? It’s a cement floor. It’s not going to burn. Let ’em in,” to great cheers. )

I got there so 2-1/2 hours early, hoping to get a good place to stand (no seating), so many of the more obnoxious protesters hadn’t arrived yet. This is a very good video from InfoWars showing the types of people, the hatred, the Mexican flags, etc. that eventually showed up. The InfoWars reporter talks to a flag-holding anarchist/syndicalist duo who refused to talk to me. I guess it’s because I told them that they are pillars of the establishment. They just stared straight ahead.

Trump Rally, Eugene, Oregon

Trump Rally, Eugene, Oregon

Another Nordic-looking college-age protester asked me how it felt to be able to have enough disposable income to afford the $20 Make America Great Again hat I was wearing — as if that’s a good measure of class in America and suggesting (against all evidence) that he thinks Trumpsters are economically privileged. I told him he should stop listening to his sociology professors, but if I had my wits about me I would have mentioned the billionaires funding Hillary and the left generally, based mainly in Hollywood and Wall Street. Don’t get me started on that one.

Inside the convention center, most people had been standing for 3—4 hours, but there was no sign that it sapped their energy. When he entered, they exploded, shouting “Trump, Trump…,” with their Trump signs waving. (Everyone got a Trump sign upon entering.) This meant that when people were cheering and waving the signs, it was impossible to actually see Trump unless you were 8? tall, but no matter. I was standing right in front of the media island toward the back of the hall, as close as I could get despite my early arrival.

Trump is a natural when it comes to public speaking. No notes, great eye contact, lots of hand gestures, exudes self-confidence. He has a circuitous style where he makes a point, then moves on to something else, then circles back, but it all makes sense. His big themes like “yes, we’re going to build a wall” got a yuuge response. (After saying it, he paused a bit, then: “and who’s going to build it?” The crowd knew exactly how to respond. Deafening).

The effectiveness of Trump as a speaker and the rapt attention and thunderous cheering are big reasons why he terrifies our hostile elites. All those White people screaming for a candidate who is saying things that are anathema to the post-1965 New Elite, threatening to undo the consensus on immigration, trade, and political correctness — the three big factors killing the traditional American majority. It’s the reason he has often been called a demagogue by his many critics—such as neocon Max Boot who labels him an “ignorant demagogue” (and that’s just the beginning of his tirade).

And one more thing about the crowd: Lots of young people (perhaps accounting for the incredible energy) and women. Trump mentioned the youth in the crowd at one point, and a CNN reporter I talked to said that it was typical of the crowds they were seeing. I suspect there were far more college-age kids inside the arena cheering Trump than outside protesting him—a very good sign indeed. If I had to guess, I would say the average age of the crowd was around 35, and essentially all White. As an graybeard, I was definitely an outlier.

Trump Rally, Eurene, Oregon

Now that his nomination seems assured, there was little talk of Cruz or Rubio (although Trump did attack candidates like Lindsay Graham and Jeb Bush who reneged on their pledge to support the GOP nominee). I thought it perhaps significant that Trump started in by going after Charles Krauthammer, the ultra-Zionist neocon with a platform at Fox News, who has been one of his most trenchant critics since he entered the race. Krauthammer is of course not alone among neocons spewing visceral hatred toward Trump—one wonders how he was left off a list of Jewish #NeverTrump supporters compiled by the Jewish Journal, although Max Boot made it. Indeed, at this point, condemning Trump is absolutely essential for anyone who wants to remain on the neocon gravy train with all those plush jobs in think tanks, neocon media, and the government that entails. For neocons, the battle against Trump is Armageddon—if Trump wins, their domination of GOP foreign policy is at an end, a delicious prospect to say the least.

Trump Rally, Eugene, Oregon

Trump insulted Krauthammer’s intelligence, saying he is “very average up here” and pointing to his head. He noted that Krauthammer pushed the war in Iraq, a $4 trillion disaster, “and we have nothing to show for it.” “He makes so many errors; so much wrong, thinks so much of himself.” Krauthammer is one of the many pundits who kept emphasizing that in the early primaries Trump was getting less than 50% of the vote, but, as Trump noted more than once, that was when he was up against numerous candidates. He is now routinely getting over 50% and in some places over 60%; in West Virginia yesterday it was 77%.

I couldn’t help thinking that Krauthammer is a surrogate for all the neocons who are saying pretty much the same thing, with the same vitriol. (Again, check out the Max Boot video for a taste of neocon anti-Trump invective.) The unrelentingly hostile Jennifer Rubin, who blogs at the Washington Post, is another case in point, and she is definitely on Trump’s radar:

Trump is obviously well aware of the neocon campaign to destroy him, promoting a third party if necessary (Rubin has the logistics all figured out), even if it means getting Hillary Clinton in the bargain. And one must assume that he understands that their Jewish identities are indeed relevant to understanding their hostility. After all, how could anyone calling himself a conservative opt for any of the proposed neocon alternatives — voting for Hillary, voting for a third party candidate, or sitting out the election? All of these alternatives help Hillary, with all that means for Supreme Court appointments and the continuing immigration onslaught. The good news is that neocons are being unmasked as liberals primarily devoted to an aggressive foreign policy on behalf of you-know-who.

Bill Kristol

I have a hard time believing that Trump is unaware of this, and the same goes for many traditional Republicans like Mike Huckabee and Rick Perry who have made it clear that supporting Trump is a very simple decision for real conservatives.

Krauthammer was profiled in my article “Neoconservatism as a Jewish Movement”; see here, p. 39). Krauthammer advocates “democratic globalism” aimed at remaking the entire Arab world:

America is a nation uniquely built not on blood, race or consanguinity, but on a proposition—to which its sacred honor has been pledged for two centuries… Today, post-9/11, we find ourselves in an… existential struggle but with a different enemy: not Soviet communism, but Arab-Islamic totalitarianism, both secular and religious.

Just to nail down the Jewish identity angle, Krauthammer is a regular columnist for the Jerusalem Post and has written extensively in support of hard-line (i.e., ethnonationalist) policies in Israel and on what he interprets as a rise in age-old anti-Jewish attitudes in Europe. In 2002 Krauthammer was presented with Bar-Ilan University’s annual Guardian of Zion Award at the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

In rejecting the Iraq War project, Trump obviously rejects bedrock neocon foreign policy, but he also comes close to rejecting that other bedrock neocon doctrine of the proposition nation “built not on blood, race or consanguinity” that Krauthammer thinks is so essential. With slogans like “America First” and “Make America Great Again” — both the antithesis of neocon globalism, Trump is plugging into nationalist feelings.

Trump is a populist candidate, and a defining feature of populism is distrust of elite institutions, particularly the media. More than once he pointed to the media area and said they were “the most dishonest people in the world.” He seemed to acknowledge his many gaffes during this campaign, stating that they happen because he is on live television three times a day with the media always ready to pounce on him.

I’ll give him a pass on that, but he’s got to get better. He also prepared the audience for negative ads featuring comments he made on the Howard Stern Show, noting that would never would have gone near the show if he knew he was going to run for president 20 years later. No question that Howard Stern brings out the worst in his guests.

In talking to people at the event, the first reason most came up with in why they support Trump is that he opposes political correctness (although it should be noted that a follow-up question on immigration also showed enthusiasm; one wonders if it’s psychologically easier to oppose political correctness in public). In his talk Trump commented on the “strong men in the audience,” noting that you are supposed to say things like “strong people” instead, and that political correctness is “out of control.” Trump is now in major damage control on women’s issues, mentioning the upcoming$90 million barrage of TV ads, much of which will focus on women’s issues, including quotes from his Howard Stern appearances. However his statement on “strong men” is definitely not politically correct and signals that he is not knuckling under on women’s issues. Instead, he stated that what women really want is “strength, they want border security, they want a strong military, they don’t want a woman who sits at home at 3:00 AM sleeping and doesn’t answer the phone” — a reference to Clinton’s alleged behavior during the Benghazi crisis.

Another major violation of political correctness was in his discussion of “Goofus” Elizabeth Warren, whom he labeled “a basket case.” “Her whole career is a fraud because she says she is a Native American (I won’t say the word ‘Indian’ because they say it’s not a nice word to use). Says she is 5% Native American. Therefore her whole career is because she was a minority … that’s a disgrace what’s going on in our country.”

This of course is true, but seems almost a badge of honor among her many fans for whom taking advantage of affirmative action — and dishonestly so, at that — is a virtue. Political correctness gone wild.

This shows that Trump will go for the jugular in attacking his opponents. He mentioned “Crooked Hillary’s” Wall St. friends and he pinned job-killing NAFTA on the Clintons. Most importantly, he cast her as an enabler of Bill’s sexually predatory ways: “She was a total enabler. She would go after these women and ruin their lives. What Hillary Clinton did to the women Bill Clinton had affairs with and they’re going after me? Give me a break. … Bill Clinton was the worst in history and I have to listen to her talking about it. … She was an unbelievably nasty, mean enabler and what she did to those women is disgraceful.” Roger Stone’s book, The Clinton’s War on Women, which Trump is aware of, provides useful information that goes far beyond affairs to include Bill’s violent sexual assaults, so at some point we can expect him to get into the sordid details in speeches and ads. (Trump’s comment, from Amazon: “This book on Hillary — really tough.”)

In recent talks Trump is also going after the Clinton Foundation, calling it a “scam” and saying that when he donated, “I didn’t know they were going to use [the money] to fly around in a private jet.” Referring to the Clinton Foundation as enabling their lavish lifestyle may be the least of it given all the corruption that has been uncovered. Trump won’t hesitate to bring it up. Trump said the media protects Clinton, which is certainly true. This article describes the MSM silence following a book on several financial scandals, including how the Clinton Foundation received $145 million for a deal that resulted in Russia getting 20% of US production of uranium in a deal that could not have happened without her collusion as Secretary of State. Trust Trump to bring up this and other scandals those two grifters were involved in. Crooked Hillary indeed.

Trump also described his campaign as a “movement.” “We have a movement going on that has never been seen this country. Never. … I am nothing more than the messenger.”

This is an excellent tactic because people want to be part of a movement. A movement is more than supporting a candidate who has some good talking points or the GOP label. It’s about being in a “we” group arrayed against an evil, corrupt, dishonest “they” group — the media, Crooked Hillary, Conservatism, Inc., the Republican donors, neocon warmongers, the racial and sexual grievance industry, political correctness — in other words, the Establishment. The emphasis on Trumpism as a movement reflects the reality that the Trump candidacy is about identity. In particular, it’s aboutWhite identity (over 99% of the crowd was White), albeit of the implicit variety.

Given the hostility he has received from neocons and the “most dishonest people in the world” running the media, it is not at all surprising that Trump continues to add Jews to his immediate entourage at the same time that he attacks the likes of Charles Krauthammer and has to deal with numerous comparisons to Hitler, such as Abe Foxman and David Brooks condemning his hand gestures (which reminded them of Nuremberg rallies), and the ADL condemning his use of “America First” as a slogan because it reminds them of Charles Lindbergh (who had the temerity to say some true things about Jewish promotion of World War II; here, p. viiiff). As the Forward notes,

Trump put Michael Glassner, currently serving as deputy campaign manager, in charge of preparations for the Republican nominating convention. In addition, Trump named Steven Mnuchin, a Wall Street financier, to serve as his national finance chairman.

The two Jewish advisers will join several other members of the Jewish community filling key roles in the Trump campaign, including Jason Greenblatt and David Friedman, two lawyers who are consulting Trump on issues relating to Israel, and his son-in-law Jared Kushner, who has emerged as one of Trump’s close confidants in the campaign.

Not only that, as the Jewish Journal article notes, some prominent Jews are on board with Trump, including Sheldon Adelson, Ari Fleischer, New York Congressman Lee Zeldin, and syndicated talk show host Dennis Praeger. Even the Republican Jewish Coalition congratulated him on his win, although pro-Trump feelings are anything but unanimous in the RJC, and a lot of them, like other neocons, actually favor Hillary. Credit the RJC endorsement to Adelson. I suspect that Adelson is reasonably confident about Trump on Israel, is less concerned about issues like immigration and “xenophobia” than typical neocons, and doesn’t want to completely alienate someone who may well become the next president of the United States.

But of course, even all these ties and more are not enough for many in the organized Jewish community who are complaining about not having access to Trump — despite the hostility he has experienced thus far from organizations like the ADL.

My take is that Trump’s recruitment of Jews is a bow to the realities of Jewish power in America, as well as the Jewish desire not to put all their eggs in the anti-Trump basket (even though I would estimate well over 90% of US Jews dislike Trump). As long as Trump stays the course on his proposed policies, I have no problem with that.