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Three Individuals Seeking Reform Party’s Presidential Nomination

Lynn S. Kahn

According to an email received from Reform Party national chairman David Collison, three individuals are currently declared as seeking the Reform Party’s presidential nomination: Ed Chlapowski, Ken Cross, and Lynn Kahn. IPR previously reported on Cross, the party’s 2012 vice presidential nominee, here. The party is currently conducting an internal poll to gauge member support for the candidates. Continue reading

Alex Jones and Donald Trump compliment each other, Roger Stone



During the interview both Jones and Trump were very complimentary of each other and Roger Stone, Trump’s former top adviser who is still a vocal supporter of the billionaire. Continue reading

Tom Knapp: ‘I Have to Admit, Donald Trump is Making Me Re-Think the Whole “Deportation” Issue’

Via Wang Tang-Fu at IPR:

Thomas L. Knapp writes at Kn@ppster:

I have to admit, Donald Trump is making me re-think the whole “deportation” issue. Continue reading

New Oregon registration data prompts news story about Independent Party

Ballot Access News

The Oregon Secretary of State recently released the September 2015 voter registration data by party. See it here.

The new percentages are: Democratic 37.83%; Republican 29.65%; Independent Party 5.07%; Libertarian .81%; Working Families .54%; Pacific Green .45%; Constitution .17%; Progressive .09; Americans Elect .02%; other parties .93%; independent voters 24.44%. Americans Elect is no longer ballot-qualified, but Oregon law says recently disqualified parties continue to receive a registration tally for one more election, to see if they can get enough to re-qualify.

A year ago, the percentages were: Democratic 38.12; Republican 30.17%; Independent Party 4.82%; Libertarian .79%; Pacific Green .47%; Working Families .43%; Constitution .16%; Progressive .09%; Americans Elect .02%; other parties .98%; independent voters 23.94%.

Here is a news story about the Independent Party, which focuses on the new registration data.

Donald Trump Has Had Four Partisan Affiliations

Ballot Access News

According to the New York City Board of Elections, Donald Trump registered in 1992 as a Republican. He remained a Republican until 1999, when he registered into the Independence Party. At the time, the Independence Party was the New York state affiliate of the Reform Party, and Trump briefly considered seeking the Reform Party’s nomination for president in 2000.

In 2001 he registered into the Democratic Party. In 2009 he registered back into the Republican Party. In 2011 he became an independent, but in 2012 he rejoined the Republican Party.

Modern Whig Party National Chair updates members

greenpartycandidate1_patdepuy_managingeditorIndependent Political Report

In a message to the party email list, Modern Whig Party National Chair Michael Burger writes, “The hard work we’ve been putting in over the last few months to reorganize and rejuvenate our party is already bearing fruit, even though we’re just getting started on some of our outreach initiatives. We’ve had an influx of new, energetic members, and our new website and communications platform have tested out. We’re poised to begin the next phase of our development, and we are certain the next few months will see us grow to the point where we can truly begin to influence both politics and policy — which has been our goal all along.”

To read more, click here.