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Augustus Invictus releases latest “fireside chat” discussing fascism

On March 27th, 2016, Augustus Invictus, a candidate for U.S. Senate running under the Libertarian Party banner, released his newest “fireside chat” on YouTube, discussing fascism. The video runs 9 minutes in length.

Elias Atienza interviews Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Invictus

On March 24th, 2016, an interview conducted by Elias Atienza of Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate Augustus Invictus was uploaded on YouTube. The interview runs 29 minutes in length.

Augustus Invictus: Time to Make History

Augustus Invictus is a Libertarian Party candidate for U.S. Senate in Florida. The following was posted on his Facebook page on March 23rd, 2016: Continue reading

Florida Libertarian U.S. Senate candidate to speak at National Socialist Movement conference

zdjęcie profilowe użytkownika Augustus Invictus for U.S. Senate

Augustus Invictus

Augustus Invictus is a candidate seeking the Libertarian Party’s nomination for U.S. Senate in Florida in a closely watched election nationally. Yesterday, he announced that he had accepted an invitation to speaking at the National Socialist Movement conference in Rome, Georgia. His full statement, from his Facebook page Continue reading

Augustus Invictus’ latest “fireside chat” on the American Front

On February 27th, Augustus Invictus, a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for U.S. Senate in Florida, spoke to a white nationalist group called the American Front in Washington state. A transcript of that speech is available in a previous ATPR article.

Yesterday, Invictus uploaded his latest “fireside chat” regarding the American Front. The video runs for eleven minutes.

Augustus Invictus delivers speech to the American Front

zdjęcie profilowe użytkownika Augustus Invictus for U.S. Senate

Augustus Invictus

On February 27th, Augustus Invictus, a candidate for the Libertarian Party’s nomination for U.S. Senate in Florida, delivered a speech to the American Front in Washington.  Wikipedia calls the American Front “a white supremacist organization” and says it was “started in 1987 in San Francisco, California by Bob Heick.” Notably, Invictus said that he was not a member of the American Front and will never be one.

Transcript of Invictus’ speech is below, from his Facebook page

Ptolemy once asked Alexander:
What would you do if you ever did reach an end of the world you are conquering?
Alexander replied:
I would turn around, and conquer its opposite.
Here we stand, Brothers & Sisters, at the Western edge of the world. We, the Sons & Daughters of Europe, have conquered the entire earth and every sea, the air and outer space – and what do we have to show for it? Fat. Democracy. Shopping malls. The Internet. Cell phones. Downtown apartments. Meaningless status symbols of a corrupt civilization.

We, Brothers & Sisters, are the New Barbarians. Here we stand, at the edge of the world our people have conquered. We flex our biceps in the mirrors hanging on the walls of our cages. For let us not fool ourselves: these apartments & suburban homes to which we have become accustomed are not for us places of shelter to escape the terrible elements. No, they are cages, erected so that men & women like us will not be let loose upon such a gentle, sophisticated, civilized world. To this civilization we are not hunters but predators. We are wild beasts.

We, Brothers & Sisters, conquered this world, and now it is tame. And now tame men would tame us so that we can get along in this brave new world. To this notion, that we must make of ourselves domesticated animals, I respond with primal rebellion. I preach revolt against such a System. I preach death to the System. I preach the resurrection of the Spirit.

We have been waiting for a new breed to arise. We have been searching for signs in the East. We have long wanted our glory to be recalled, that we may relive those golden years of Europe’s past.
But I bring to you this day a cold truth: There is no hope on the horizon if it is not us.

We standing here have none to look to but each other. Think about that. When your friend looks at you, what does he see? If it is not the glory of a resurrected world, then you should be ashamed.

Each man standing here, when he looks to the man beside him, what does he think?
Does he think, Here is someone miserable & complacent just like me, but we hate the same things, so I guess that makes us friends.

Or does he think, My God! Here stands the grandeur of Rome! This man with the arm of Thor and the mind of Odin, I am proud to call him my brother! And this man, with the bloodthirst of Cú Chulainn, him I would follow into battle!
Each woman standing here, when she looks to the woman beside her, what does she think?

Ask yourself, my lady, does she see in you the loving maiden, the prize of a conquering hero, the mother of conquerors herself, the very future of the world?
Aye, look no further than to yourselves. We are it. There is no one coming to save us. No miracle will fall from the sky to wipe out the filth of this civilization, and no messiah will be riding in on his cloud to restore the natural order of things. We must find inside ourselves the men & women who will resurrect the Ancient Ways. We must prove ourselves to be the descendants of our ancestors. We must lead by example.

Be not disheartened at this, if you have not yet forged yourself into the hero you would become. I am preaching to you, but it is not from a place of arrogance. I have for my part been a scoundrel, a degenerate, a liar. I have been short-sighted, weak, and selfish. I have seduced without love, sold drugs, beaten people. I was not always the man I am today; I traveled a long, hard road to get here; and I still have very far to travel before I would dare to call myself a hero of any sort. But we must set out on the Path, or we fool ourselves when we say we are more than animals.

We must set out on the Path, and we must do so immediately. The world will not wait for us to find our way. It will not wait for us to get off drugs or strengthen our bodies or learn our purpose. The world goes on while we sit here figuring it out. The world continues to fall apart while we make excuses for our own failures, while we wait for some new champion to save us from our apathy and lift Western Civilization from the ashes.

The “refugees” so-called are invading the West right now.

The leftists are directing the education of our children right now.

The banks & international financiers are controlling our politicians right now.

We are watching the West be destroyed right now.

Therefore, the time for action is right now.

There is no time to screw around and figure out our lives. We are called to action today. There is no time to get your act together, get in shape, learn to use a rifle sometime down the road when your schedule opens up, sometime down the road when your finances are in better order. The changes we need to make in our lives, they need to be made right now – not at the end of the month, not on your birthday, not after Spring Break, not when we return home from this gathering, but now, as I speak, resolve that you are fighting for this cause, and that you are letting go of what has held you back. Only when you are so resolved can you join the struggle in earnest.

And that is the first step: an important one, to be sure, but still only the beginning, for your organization needs you. The stronger you are, the stronger your organization is; the stronger your organization, the stronger the broader movement to reclaim America from the financiers & the leftists, the sell-outs and the traitors.

I am not a member of the American Front, and I never will be. But I have always defended its integrity, just as the members of the American Front have always defended mine. And though my nationalist agenda may be broader-based than that of the American Front, to me that makes us allies, not enemies. Indeed, petty rivalries have been the very reason that nationalist movements remain splintered and ineffective, and it is high time we unite the disparate nationalist movements under one banner – and not just in the United States, but in the whole of the West. We have much the same objective in restoring our country, and we have the same values: loyalty, honor, courage, will, strength, integrity. So let us come together, let us help each other, that we may further the cause.

We men & women of the West, we fight best when the odds are stacked against us. So it should not be alarming but encouraging when I say unto you that the odds against us reclaiming this land and this world are great. Let us remember in thinking of our struggle that the peril was real when Columbus sailed into the unknown and found the New World; when Cortez fought the Aztecs and won; when Harrison fought the Great Tecumseh. We should embrace the near-impossibility of our mission, because it ranks our cause among the great movements in history.

Let it never be said that we shirked our duty in this dire moment, that we allowed the world to fall into a Dark Age because we were too weakened by our great-grandfathers’ victory to take up the banner.

Five hundred years from now, let our descendants say, Our ancestors conquered the world; and then they turned back and conquered it again.

Let them look back on our time with pride and say that we were men of will and daring, women of loyalty and perseverance; that we were a noble people who cherished virtue and sought greatness.

Let these cages and these shackles and these tools for taming a free people be destroyed.
Let the System burn.

(Undisclosed), Washington
27 February 2016