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A Libertarian Future: It’s Time For Round Three Of Our Libertarian Party Poll

From A Libertarian Future, March 18th:

Welcome to Round Three of our 2016 Libertarian Party Poll. We will be conducting these polls on a bi weekly basis until the Libertarian Party convention in May. Our first poll ran from February 15th – 29th and our second poll ran from March 1st – 15th. Those results were telling but this third poll will give us the ability to establish real trends.

A lot has changed since our first poll. Multiple states have held their conventions, there have been numerous debates, two states have held Libertarian Party primaries, and candidates are starting to drop out and endorse. It’s time for a new poll to see just how much things have changed.

Until now, Gary Johnson has been receiving between 44 and 46% support in our Libertarian Party polls. This time we will be able to measure the effect of Steve Kerbel dropping out and endorsing Gary Johnson. Kerbel was getting from 7 to 11% in our polls and that support could give Gary Johnson a majority of libertarian support for the first time. Former Libertarian Party National Chairman Bill Redpath also endorsed Gary Johnson recently. Both of those endorsements should help grow and solidify Gary Johnson’s lead.

Although, the poll will also take into account Austin Petersen’s inclusion in the ISideWith.com political quiz that has been popular with libertarians. That increased exposure could help him reverse the present trend and shrink the gap between himself and Gary Johnson.

There’s also the question of whether John McAfee will be able to maintain his momentum. He went from 9 to 14% in our first two polls and another five point jump could put him in second place in our third Libertarian Party poll.

It’s up to you, the ALibertarianFuture.com readers, to determine all of that: Which Libertarian Presidential Candidate are you currently supporting?

As you can see, Marc Allan Feldman has been re-included in our third Libertarian Party poll. Steve Kerbel’s exit left an open spot in our top five and we decided to let Feldman back in because he has regularly made the second round cut in state Libertarian Party debates. However, if another candidate demonstrates stronger support over the next few weeks Feldman could be replaced in our fourth poll.

*Please Note: This Libertarian Party poll cannot and will not include all of the candidates running. There is currently a top tier of candidates based on fundraising, name recognition, website design, social media strength, and debate performances. Any candidate without these factors cannot hope to be an effective Libertarian Party Presidential nominee and therefore cannot be included in this poll. There is also not a None Of The Above option as it is counterproductive. NOTA will not be the Libertarian Party’s nominee.

Current poll results: 

Austin Petersen 49%

Gary Johnson 40%

John McAfee 10%

Darryl W. Perry 1%

Marc Allan Feldman 0%

Click here to vote in the poll. 



Austin Petersen: Does The Libertian Libertarian Party Force You To Pledge To the NAP?


Austin Petersen

Austin Petersen, a candidate for the Libertarian Party presidential nomination, released a Facebook video today entitled “Does The Libertarian Party Force You To Pledge To the NAP? No. Here’s why…”. (NAP is the Non-Aggression Principle, which states that no force or fraud may be used to achieve social or political goals. The video runs 7 minutes and is available here.

Petersen also released a video earlier today, encouraging former Marco Rubio supporters to join his campaign. That 13 minute video is available here.

Results of Missouri and North Carolina Libertarian Party presidential primaries

Libertarian Party Primary Results Gary Johnson Wins NC, Austin Petersen Wins MO

Image courtesy of ALibertarianFuture.com

On March 15th, both Missouri and North Carolina held presidential primaries for the Libertarian Party. The contests do not carry any binding in terms of how delegates will be assigned, but served as one of the first real indicators gauging support among the Libertarian Party presidential candidates. In Missouri, the “uncommitted” option came in first with Austin Petersen a distant second, while Gary Johnson (who was not on the ballot in Missouri) won in North Carolina, with “no preference” coming in second. Continue reading

Libertarian Party candidate for President John McAfee invites Austin Petersen to drop acid with him

On March 7th, 2016, the Libertarian Party of North Carolina hosted a presidential debate live over YouTube. Austin Petersen, one of the Libertarian Party candidates for president, said afterwards that one of the most memorable moments of the debate was when McAfee said,”I like you, Austin, very much. I would recommend that, since you have very little experience with it, that you spend an afternoon with me dropping 2 hits of acid.”

The full five minute video including  McAfee’s comment is below:

Austin Petersen: Did I betray Ron Paul?

Ron Paul was the Libertarian Party’s 1988 presidential nominee

On March 8th, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Austin Petersen held his latest Facebook live stream that is now also available as a Facebook video. In it, he addressed his support for Ron Paul as well as some of his disagreements with the 1988 Libertarian Party presidential nominee. The video was a response to Rocco Lucente’s column in Liberty Conservatives Magazine entitled “Austin Petersen: Ron Paul sounds like he hates America.” In his article, Lucente quotes Petersen as saying “the more I listen to Ron Paul the more it sounds like he actually despises this country.” Lucente’s full article is below:

Austin Petersen has emerged as one of the frontrunners for the Libertarian Party nomination, campaigning as a son of the Ron Paul revolution who hopes to bring conservative leaning libertarians into the tent in order to create a broad enough coalition to win the Libertarian nomination. Petersen has been fairly articulate in the debates, arguing that he will be the man to bring on significant numbers of Republican voters should Donald Trump be the Republican nominee. Petersen boasts of his credentials in working for Judge Andrew Napolitano and founding The Libertarian Republic. That being said, Petersen’s campaign may run into some trouble if this incendiary audio gets out within the liberty grassroots.

In July of 2014 Petersen stated that Ron Paul sounded like he hates America as a response to an AP article which stated Paul was defending Russia. Petersen also stated that he thought Ron Paul was using the same tactics as those who defended the Soviet Union in order to defend the actions of a big government overseas (that being Russia). He said that Ron Paul’s rhetoric sounded like Soviet apologia, and asked why he would want to sound like he was defending a big government overseas. Petersen’s comparison of Ron Paul’s non interventionist foreign policy to Soviet style propaganda is sure to inflame liberty voters who have largely viewed Petersen as a close alternative to Paul.

Petersen goes on to implicitly reject the notion that the war on terror finds its roots in blowback from our foreign policy. Petersen states that the more you delve into foreign policy the more you realize that there are in fact people who hate us for our freedoms, and that the actors in the current “war on terror” are an example of this. He claims that Ron Paul blames the United States whenever something wrong happens overseas, and that “when you start sounding like Soviet apparatchiks or real America hating socialist liberals then you have a problem”. He believes that Paul’s rhetoric will lead to people thinking that libertarians hate America, due to Paul’s constant incorrect (in his view) blaming of the United States for every problem.

These revelations will bring up questions as to whether those of us who did invest money and time into the Ron Paul campaign in 2008 and/or 2012 should invest our time and money in Petersen’s campaign. I would ask Petersen what he believes was the primary cause of 9/11? I’d ask him whether he believes ISIS hates us for our freedoms or our interventionist policies? Does he believe it is a defense of a thuggish regime to defend the notion of not intervening against them? Finally, I would ask if he would apologize to Dr Paul for saying he sounds like he hates America. Dr. Paul has brought more people to the ideas of liberty than anybody in the modern history of this country. If Mr Petersen wants to be a Libertarian standard bearer he can start by giving our movements greatest champions the respect they deserve.

Petersen blasted Lucente’s article in his video, and in a Facebook comment said:

Rocco Lucente if you were honest you’d have contacted me for a statement before you wrote the piece. Instead you wrote a hit piece.

Petersen’s full 16 minute video “Did Austin Petersen Betray Ron Paul?” can be viewed here. 

Austin Petersen leaks “email from Steve Scheetz in his push to remove me from being considered a candidate in Pennsylvania”

Today, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Austin Petersen posted the following picture on his Facebook page, containing a leaked email from Steve Scheetz, the immediate former chairman of the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania. The image:

This is not the first time that ranking officials of a state affiliate of the Libertarian Party have shown their disapproval of Petersen’s campaign. As ATPR has reported recently, the Libertarian Party of Colorado refused to invite Petersen to their presidential debate, citing Petersen’s alleged repudiation of the Non-Aggression Principle. Also, some Libertarian Party of Florida state officials have reportedly tried to dis-invite him from the party’s state convention, which will be held in April.

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania will be holding its state convention on March 19th in Philadelphia. According to the party’s website:

The agenda will include the election of party officers, the nomination of candidates for public office, and election of delegates to the National Libertarian Party Convention.

More details coming soon, including lunch and evening entertainment, a Presidential candidate forum, and information regarding registration and discounted lodging. Please look to future emails for these announcements.

Petersen also posted a the following regarding the Non-Aggression Principle and his membership in the Libertarian Party to his Facebook page today:

I worked at the Libertarian National Committee from February 2008 to May 2009. After that I became a dues paying member and never joined another party. This card signifies that I have signed the party’s pledge, which is not the Non Aggression Principle. The NAP appears nowhere in the party’s statement of principles. It’s just a statement recognizing that the LP is not a terrorist organization and the founders of the party were extremely terrified of big government. Understandable. Not inspiring, but definitely understandable.

Update: Steve Scheetz responded to his email in a March 8th IPR comment:

OK, Well this is a bit surprising, but whatever…

What happened was this.

PA has 6 candidates confirmed. Gary Johnson, John McAffee, Shawna Sterling, Darryl Perry, Rhett Smith, and Derrick Reid.

There is no conspiracy with me contacting these 6 candidates, because these 6 are the ONLY candidates who confirmed attendance. The invitation was sent to EVERYONE INCLUDING Austin Petersen. He stated, along with Cecil Ince, that he would be attending the convention in his home state of Missouri.

What has been said regarding Austin Petersen has been in response to the various Petersen trolls spamming boards on Facebook. (To be honest, I probably would not have bothered with him at all if there was not this really loud and obnoxious wave of posts about how silly the NAP is, how strange the people who support the NAP are, lying about what the NAP is/means, etc.)

Derrick Reid was asked to produce his party membership and signed NAP pledge along with all candidates who confirmed that they would be attending. I can’t take credit for the idea, but I do like it, particularly with everything that has been going on lately.

I was / am unaware of Derrick Reid’s position regarding the platform and SOP, and like I stated before, the invite went to all candidates, and the requirement will be made of all candidates. (They need to be party members and have signed NAP agreements to be qualified for the nomination, this is NOT asking too much)


Steve Scheetz