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Dean Capone: Answering Political Problems With Force

Dean Capone


(Dean Capone is a candidate seeking the Socialist Party USA’s presidential nomination for 2016. The following was originally published on his campaign website.)

Socialism, by definition, is an internationalist world view. The cause of erasing class and economic inequalities and social injustice – while empowering freedom for all peoples – is a global prospect, not confined to borders of nations.

It’s the view of this campaign that the United States – especially a democratic socialist United States has a both an opportunity and responsibility to export hope that a future world will turn back the mistakes of the past.

Yes, the first step is in the re-calibration of its own economic and social policies – aims this campaign and the Socialist Party USA take seriously.

That said, in addition to the economic and social realities of establishing a new domestic and global future, there is also the plain fact that the United States, as the world’s pre-eminent power, also has the responsibility to confront and correct its own – and the capitalist world’s – failed past.

It’s almost impossible to ignore that the geopolitical issues in the Mideast have continued to dominate world affairs, not only since 9/11, and not only since the breakup of Empires that began with the close of World War I, but for centuries.

The particular rise in extremism in the past 40 years – as ‘hard line’ orthodoxy has taken root in not only some portions of Islamic society, but among all groups (including American conservatives), has uprooted the cradle of human civilization itself.

This campaign believes that the use of force to eradicate brutally reactionary groups is sometimes required in a capitalist or transitory society, so long as the end game is not mere oil mongering or profiteering – but the creation of a new paradigm from the ashes of failure.

In contrast to others on the American ‘left’, or even with our own party, this campaign believes that the eradication of the Islamic State and its self-proclaimed ‘caliphate’ is justifiable. In, given its current standing in global affairs, the United States has a responsibility to take this action. Complicit also in the rise of extremism as a political gambit, the respective nations of the region must also recognize their own responsibilities and take united action to confront such threats.

However, it’s also the view of this campaign that an exclusively military response to this or future extremist uprisings will also fail, continuing a vicious cycle of nearly permanent war.

Rather than continuing the perpetuation of grave errors made a century ago – as western empires already on the wane wrangled competitively for mandates  – the United States, the UN, and all nations of the region must now begin to address the core geopolitical issues that fuel these crises.

If Socialism honors and defends the right of self-determination of individual ethnic, religious and cultural ‘nations’ in the context of a globalist worldview, then this campaign must therefore stand for the devolution of ‘nations’ that exist only as a result of century-old backroom dealings.

The responsibility of eradicating a present extremist threat is serious and valid. And, so is self-determination for the national and ethnic groups held together under the yoke of false boundaries.

This campaign supports self-determination, peace, social justice and true democracy. These objectives are possible, so long as they are applied – once the dust has settled on today’s crisis – toward all in the region. Not under a failed status quo of a world long-since vanished.

If this means Iraq partitioned into new nations of Kurds, Sunnis and Shiites, so be it. If this means Jews and Palestinians sharing a single, secular state that respects the right of each other to exist and prosper, so be it. If this means (by extension), a free Tibet and a Uighur nation, so be it.

The old ways are tired and do not work. They lead only to incessant war and threat. A world outlook based on universal justice must replace lines on a map drawn a century ago.



Revolutionary Liberation Party Endorses Dean Capone

Dean Capone

(Dean Capone is a candidate for the Socialist Party USA’s presidential nomination in 2016. The Revolutionary Liberation Party describes itself as “a Socialist party with Anarcho-Libertarian principles on the fundamentals of humanism, independence, self-determination, dignity, progress and social justice, who want to bring a revolutionary alternative to the American electoral process in a democratic way to bring control of the means of production into the hands of the workers directly with direct representation via workers councils, no more elite control, proletariat control. We are for a united front with various leagues and groups. We demand, resist, fight, rebel against the system, to get our rights back, to keep our rights as humans.” They released the following statement concerning their endorsement:)

“The Revolutionary Liberation Party more than a group or an organization, is a coalition of some six hundred comrades, including the cadres of various revolutionary groups in the US and abroad. We find at times, for the US is the dominant empire in the world, and is preventing real Socialism from coming about, especially at home, that we must endorse a candidate in an election. We do not just rely on elections, for elections have to have the backing of a campaign and a movement, require the leader to speak for our common cause in a united front. The RLP is independent of the Socialist Party USA or any other political party for that matter. Therefore, we are separate, and at times associate with people from other parties or organizations that we see closely represent our values or principles. Since 2010 starting in the US midwest, the RLP has taken part in many actions, including civil disobedience. The RLP was also active in the occupy movement in the US, before that also supportive of the Arab Spring and the Indignados movement in Spain. As the founder of RLP, having lived in Spain, I am well acquainted with these movements. I started the party upon my arrival back to the States and at a time when rebellions were happening abroad, and that rebellion has reached home, culminated in the RLP. I have met Mr. Capone here in Saint Petersburg, FL, as I address you now from Tampa, and am confident he represents our values as Socialists, that reform is not the way, that trans-formative change is needed to replace the current system with a more fair system, which is Socialism, and that this can be done democratically. In Solidarity Comrade Al Suarez, founder of the Revolutionarty Liberation Party.”


Dean Capone: Vote With Your Pocket Book

Dean Capone

(Dean Capone is a candidate for the Socialist Party USA’s nomination for president in 2016. The following was originally published on his campaign website.)

Just as the Republicans and Democrats relentlessly focus on whatever ‘hot button’ issues dominate social media at the moment, it’s also easy for those on the left – including Socialists – to “lose the plot”.

This is definitely not to say that addressing flash-point issues that dominate the headlines at any given moment is counterproductive…situations such as the disturbance in Ferguson, Missouri absolutely require the urgent involvement of all parties advancing social justice. The same holds true for international events, or the ‘bread and butter‘ social issues, like marital RIGHTS, abortion, immigration world events – you name it.

That said, the overwhelming message of Socialist activists should be what it always has been: Are average workers being dealt a fair shake? The answer, of course is no.

As real jobs – good jobs – are replaced by service task and low-paying retail jobs, opportunity descends. As income inequality expands at an ever-quickening pace, the ‘American Dream’ – that with hard work, anyone can ‘make it’, surely dies.

We’re calling for those supporting our campaign, and indeed Socialists, progressives and anyone of any political stripe to simply vote with their own pocketbook.

Clearly, the status quo is not benefiting all Americans – only a narrow very few. This can be reversed.

Worker ownership of their labor, public stewardship of First Tier industry, a strong labor environment, a basic income for all Americans and bringing real jobs back to the United States are key components in our campaign.

Our call is for everyone wishing to see real prosperity, economic and social justice and opportunity in the United States join us in keeping our overall focus on this mission.

Dean Capone: Reshoring Manufacturing Jobs

Dean Capone

(Dean Capone is a declared candidate for the 2016 Socialist Party USA Presidential nomination. The following was originally published on his campaign website.)

‘Reshoring’ – returning manufacturing andindustrial jobs to the United States from ‘OUTSOURCED’locations is a major initiative in future economic growth. Well-paying manufacturing jobs far offset the value of entry-level service sector and retail services employment, and are essential in once again balancing the playing field for worker’s economic benefit, as well as workplace democracy.

Within the past two years, several large US companies have taken the initiative to RELOCATE manufacturing operations to American factories. Although largely due to the real wage increases in the Chinese workplace – particularly the Yangtze River zone – the net positives of reshoring indeed form a bulwark in our position of meaningful and dynamic employment.

With maintaining manufacturing operations in the United States trending to a significantly IMPROVED TCO competitive position, it’s proactive to encourage and accelerate American jobs in order to eliminate minimal employment and reliance on service sector jobs.

This campaign supports initiatives to strengthen the burgeoning movement to return manufacturing to the United States – while also discouraging an over-reliance on automation in new American manufacturing operations.

We support the resolution of the US Manufacturing Summit to SECURE order pledges of over $250 billion in domestic manufactured goods over the next ten years. The campaign will also shortly issue a series of white papers, including a detailed plan to encourage reshoring for second tier manufacturing by partnering with labor to secure meaningful US industrial employment.

SPUSA Candidate Discusses Animal Issues

Dean Capone

(The following was originally published in Species and Class.)

Dean Capone, who has announced his intention to seek the 2016 Socialist Party USApresidential nomination, recently gave an interview to Species and Class in which he discussed non-human politics. According to his campaign website, he has been an active member of SPUSA and is a former treasurer of the organization’s Tampa Bay, Fla., local. He supports a national basic income, union growth, and public ownership of heavy industry.

Species and Class : Why should those concerned by the treatment of animals vote for you?

Dean Capone: I became vegan as an act of compassion and not economics. But I’m am aware that systemic cruelty, exploitation and destruction of animals is, in fact, an underpinning cause of many social, health and economic issues — in addition to being cruel.

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Declared Socialist Party USA Presidential Candidate Dean Capone’s Campaign Manger Interviewed on “Left Turn and the Dialogue”

Dean Capone

(Dean Capone is a declared candidate for the Socialist Party USA’s Presidential nomination in 2016. His campaign manager, AJ Sineri was recently interviewed on “Left Turn and The Dialogue”,  an internet radio show hosted by 2012 Socialist Party USA Presidential nominee Stewart Alexander.”

You can listen to the interview here