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MPBN News: Cutler Lambastes LePage Administration Over GNP Tax Deal


(Eliot Cutler is an Independent candidate for governor of Maine. The following was originally published in MPBN News.)

PORTLAND, Maine – Independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler lashed out today at the LePage administration for encouraging a tax credit scheme two years ago for the Great Northern Paper Company. With the company’s recent bankruptcy filing, Cutler says Maine taxpayers are now on the hook for $16 million, and have no jobs in Millinocket to show for it.

Eliot Cutler says Gov. Paul LePage and Maine lawmakers were so anxious to make a deal to save jobs at Great Northern Paper Co. two years ago, that they never gave a second thought to a plan to provide Great Northern with $16 million in tax credits through the Finance Authority of Maine, or FAME. Cate Street Capital bought GNP mills in East Millinocket and Millinocket for $1, and then found investors in Louisiana to put up $40 million.

“The story of Cate Street Capital, its investors, and Maine’s governor is a massive scandal, corporate welfare and crony capitalism at its worst,” Cutler said.

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BDN Maine: King Endorses Fellow Independent Cutler for Maine Governor


(The following was originally published in Bangor Daily News.)

PORTLAND, Maine — U.S. Sen. Angus King endorsed fellow independent Eliot Cutler in this year’s gubernatorial race Monday morning at a news conference in Portland.

The two independents emphasized Cutler’s business pedigree, and the advantages they said an independent can have as the top elected official in the state, such as the ability to draw from the best both parties have to offer without having to swear allegiance to either.

They also addressed the question of strategic voting, which has plagued Cutler’s campaign for months, during Monday morning’s conference at Kepware Technologies.

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BDN: If Michaud Wants to Show He’s Superior to Cutler, Debates are the Best Way


(The following was originally published in The Bangor Daily News.)

We’re not surprised, but we’re still deeply disappointed the major-party candidates in Maine’s gubernatorial race largely are shying away from debates with their rivals as a matter of strategy.

At this point, it appears that four debates among the three candidates vying for victory in November are on the schedule. But those debates are all slated for October, long after voters will have started to cast absentee ballots.

Voters deserve to hear early and often from the three men who seek to lead the state through the next four years. Debates featuring all three offer voters the best chance to compare their options, hear the candidates respond to a wide range of questions without exclusively relying on prepared talking points, and react to on-the-spot pressure and surprises.

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Portland Press Herald: Eliot Cutler says Maine Dems Asked Him to Represent the Party in 2014. Dems: Not True


(The following was originally published in the Portland Press Herald.)

Was Independent Eliot Cutler the Maine Democratic Party’s preferred candidate to take on Gov. Paul LePage in 2014?

According to a report on Seacoast online, Cutler told a group of supporters and undecided “fence-sitters” in Kennebunkport that he was asked after the 2010 election to run as a Democrat in 2014. The Seacoast online article does not include any Democratic response.

Maine Democratic Party  Chairman Ben Grant denied Cutler’s statement in an interview with the Portland Press Herald Friday morning, saying no party leader made such a request. “His claim is 100 percent false…. I never spoke to him about anything like this. I never even considered it.”

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WCSH6: Eliot Cutler Endorsed by Gun Control Group


(The following was originally published in WCSH6.)

PORTLAND, Maine (AP) – Maine Citizens Against Handgun Violence is endorsing independent gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler, with long-time board member Bill Harwood touting Cutler’s decision not to shy away from the issue.

Cutler supports background checks on all gun sales, calling it a commonsense measure to prevent guns from falling into the wrong hands.

But he isn’t winning the endorsement of former U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, a gun control supporter who survived being shot in the head in 2011. Giffords and her husband, retired astronaut Mark Kelly, are attending a fundraiser on Michaud’s behalf on Aug. 9 in Kennebunk.

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Eliot Cutler Press Conference on ACA Ruling by D.C. Circuit Court

(Eliot Culter is an Independent gubernatorial candidate in Maine.)

Sun Journal: Eliot Cutler Confident He Can Win With A Late Surge


(Eliot Culter is an Independent Candidate for Governor of Maine. The following was originally published in the Sun Journal.)

AUGUSTA — Less than four months before Maine voters head to the polls, Independent candidate Eliot Cutler faces fundraising challenges, an incumbent Republican governor with fiercely loyal supporters and Democrats determined not to repeat the mistakes that cost them the 2010 election.

But Cutler, a 67-year-old from Cape Elizabeth, says he’s confident that his campaign will gain momentum this fall the way it did when he nearly beat Gov. Paul LePage for the Blaine House four years ago.

“If you look back at Maine’s three-way races … you find that independents tend to come on really strong in the end,” said Cutler, who lost to LePage by just 10,000 votes. “And our expectation is that it’s going to happen this time.”

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