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Throwback Saturday: George Phillies polls 12% in three-way presidential race

George Phillies

On Thursday, March 24th, 2016, ATPR did not feature any of the “Throwback Thursday” stories we normally do each Thursday, so instead we are doing one today. Recently, Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson polled at 11% in a three-way race versus Clinton and Trump. Today’s “Throwback Saturday” story features a 2007 press release from the George Phillies campaign. Phillies, a college professor and longtime Massachusetts Libertarian activist, sought the 2008 LP presidential nomination. Phillies received 7.9% of the convention vote in Denver on the first ballot, 5.7% of the vote on the second ballot, and 4.9% of the vote on the third ballot, before being eliminated from contention.

The following press release from the George Phillies campaign was issued on December 4th, 2007:

George Phillies for President 2008
December 4, 2007

Poll of Likely Voters: 12% Would Support Phillies in 3-way Race

“We paid Pulse Opinion for a scientifically valid random poll of 1000 randomly-selected respondents because to our knowledge, no such poll had ever been commissioned by a Libertarian campaign. We asked about a two-way Clinton-Giuliani race, and a three-way Clinton-Giuliani-Other race,” said Phillies 2008 Press Director Carolyn Marbry. “The results of this poll were so staggering that one prominent Libertarian refused to believe they could be true.”

The telephone survey of 1000 likely voters was conducted by Pulse Opinion Research on November 8 and 11. Pulse Opinion Research, LLC, is an independent public opinion research firm using automated polling methodology and procedures licensed from Rasmussen Reports, LLC.

In a two-way race, Clinton was in the lead at 48%, with Giuliani at 39%, “some other candidate” at 9%, and 4% not sure. In a three-way race, Clinton was at 41%, Giuliani was at 34%, with “some other candidate” at 7% and “not sure” at 6%. Libertarian front-runner George Phillies received an amazing 12% of the vote.

“It’s totally unprecedented for a real Libertarian Party candidate to poll in double digits in a legitimate poll,” said Ms. Marbry. “We did everything we could to balance the questions, to make them match real election conditions.”

George Phillies was enthusiastic about the results. “This poll shows the enormous power of my Libertarian solutions in bringing voters to our banner,” he said. “Nothing like this has been seen before in the history of our party.”

Phillies emphasized the critical importance of Libertarians giving their Presidential candidate a well-funded campaign. “If there’s no name recognition, no issue recognition, no reason to trust the candidate,” he said, “we won’t get the votes. We have an enormous opportunity next year, if only Libertarians will rally to the only party that can carry the banner of freedom: The Libertarian Party.”

The Phillies 2008 polling questions were:

“In thinking about the next Presidential election, suppose you had a choice between Republican Rudy Giuliani, who promises to cut taxes and win the war on terror and Democrat Hillary Clinton, who promises to dtrengthen the middle class and provide universal health care. If the election were held today would you vote for Republican Rudy Giuliani or Democrat Hillary Clinton?”


“Okay…suppose you had a choice between Republican Rudy Giuliani, Democrat Hillary Clinton and Libertarian George Phillies, who promises to end the War in Iraq, secure the borders and restore civil rights. If the election were held today would you vote for Republican Rudy Giuliani, Democrat Hillary Clinton or Libertarian George Phillies?”


To support the George Phillies campaign, please visit http://phillies2008.org/donation today.


George Phillies: Interesting bits at the latest LNC meeting

George Phillies

George Phillies is the chairman of the Libertarian Party of Massachusetts. The following email was sent by him to the IPR email list on February 20th:

Esteemed colleagues:
(and other folks with a direct interest or who contributed to the liveblog).

I listed to the livestream of the LNC meeting.  You can see a real-time typed summary here:

I will discuss what I thought I heard people at the meeting say. I will focus on Presidential ballot access, and a few other issues having financial implications. Note if you find a recording that “Presidential Ballot Access” is called “ballot access” by some speakers in the LNC meeting.

It appears that there are serious difficulties with Presidential ballot access.  The difficulties appear to translate as “money”.

Illinois will be very expensive.  I believe I heard Dan Wiener say that Illinois and Pennsylvania together would cost $130,000, and he did not see where the LNC had the money or the cash flow.

Pennsylvania ballot access will cost $90,000, of which the LNC is proposing to put up $70,000, leaving $20,000 to be covered by the State Party.

The Ohio State Party wants to do a  party petition, which would require 35,000 signatures. Redpath believed this is impractical, and wants Ohio to do a candidate petition, which requires far fewer signatures.

Bill Redpath indicated that he would be contacting Presidential campaigns. He claimed that we need to communicate to the Presidential candidates that if they want to be on the ballot everywhere they need to step up soon in terms of ballot access. He noted that there are people saying that Presidential Ballot access is an LNC responsibility, and claimed that it was a responsibility for everyone.

The effect of the Oregon issue on 50-state ballot access was ignored, a point caught by Caryn Harlos.

Redpath claimed that there are people in Massachustts who are against Libertarian Presidential ballot access.  Katz went through a series of statements in the Ballot Access report about Massachusetts that are false. Redpath claimed he did not know  Massachusetts ballot access rules. It appeared to me that he was fond of asking Richard Winger rather than contacting state affiliates about these questions.

I had the sense that no one had racked up what had to be spent when, what the plausible cash flow was for each of the months this year, and therefore how much money had to be cash on hand at the start of this year. It’s a bit late for this.

Holding the LNC meetings in the DC area would svae $1500-2000 per meeting. Choosing a new meeting site each time costs the LNC a great deal of effort.

The claim was made that if we switch the data base from Raiser’s Edge that the RE people will not give us the credit card records for the continuing donors. The claim seems a mite odd, but that was what I heard.

Chuck Moulton reported “Sounds like the 2016 national convention is going to have no Internet access without paying $30,000. Apparently this wasn’t covered in the contract.”

For the recent duplicator lease, Katz noted and was not challenged that we are paying 51% interest over off-the-shelf purchase cost by paying for the gadget over 5 years. On this topic: Redpath appeared to claim that promising to pay a large amount over years to pay for equipment is not borrowing, and therefore the lease was not a bylaws violation. M Carling sensibly noted that when we leased the Watergate building the LNC believed a 2/3 vote was required; the objective of the bylaw is to keep the LNC from raising money to be raised by future LNCs.

There was extended debate over the LNC paying the Executive Director $8000 for moving expenses, when this was apparently not in his contract. Apparently the then-national-chair (Neale) said something or other related to this, the LNC did or did not know, and the cost faded into obscure parts of the budget. In the end, Wes was allowed by the LCN at this meeting to keep the money. The debate on this felt as though it went on as long as the debate over the report of the ballot acess committee, which is going through close to two orders of magnitude more money.

The Hilton Hotel people apparently tried to dun the LNC for hotel bills for LPEX, which they apparently claimed be unpaid. They were told LPEX was not an LNC event, and went away. It was impossible to tell what was actually going on between LPEX and the hotel, and no assumption should be made on this topic on the basis of this report.

December 2015 Liberty for America issue now online

liberty for america logo

Massachusetts Libertarian Party chairman George Phillies publishes a monthly newsletter containing news and viewpoints related to the Libertarian Party. The December 2015 issue is now online. Some articles include “LNC Ballot Access Debate,” “Presidential candidates,” “LNC In Action,” “Beware Young Americans (allegedly) for Liberty,” and “The Free State Project is a Failure.” Read the entire issue online by clicking below:


Libertarians Working For You show, with Dr. Mary Ruwart, Jeff Sanford, and Dr. George Phillies



The 12/16/15 episode of Libertarians Working For Youhosted by Arvin Vohra is now available online, with guests Dr. Mary Ruwart, Jeff Sanford of the Louisiana LP, and Dr. George Phillies, chair of the Massachusetts LP.

Click here to listen.

The Slow Decline of the Libertarian Party

In IPR comments, Libertarian Party of Massachusetts Chair and 2008 presidential candidate George Phillies reports on the membership figures for the Libertarian Party, revealing a slow decline since the party’s peak in 1999. Continue reading