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Video of the Libertarian Party of Florida’s presidential debate

From IPR, April 10th, 2016:

Below is a video of yesterday’s Libertarian Party of Florida’s presidential debate featuring candidates Gary Johnson, Marc Allan Feldman, Darryl W. Perry and Austin Petersen. The video was taken from Petersen’s campaign Facebook page and re-uploaded to YouTube. It lasts for an hour and 16 minutes.

One testy moment of the debate came at the 40 minute mark in the video, when Darryl W. Perry said,  ” I would be doing a lot better than at least one candidate on this stage, who still owes about $1.4 million from his 2012 campaign.” Johnson immediately interrupted, saying it’s “it’s not true, it’s not true.” Perry countered, saying “that’s what the FEC filings say, Governor.”

Johnson replied that the FEC would not allow him to take “it” [campaign debt] off the books. Johnson added that every penny donated to his campaign goes to the 2016 campaign. As he was talking, the moderator yelled “order!” saying this was not the time for a campaign response. Johnson angrily responded: “when there is an outright lie or an outright misrepresentation,” before being cut off by the moderator, who told the former New Mexico governor  that “you are out of order.”

The moderator then proceeded to say that “money would still be owed to the 2012 campaign,” continuing the point Perry was making. A beet-faced Johnson retorted: “what…you as the moderator are saying what?” to which some of the audience responded with faint laughter. Johnson continued, saying “you are out of order” to the moderator.” After that, there was some more laughter followed by applause from the debate viewership,

Throwback Friday: Robby Wells Speaks To Constitution Party National Committee Meeting About His 2016 Campaign

Today’s Throwback Thursday (yes, I know it’s Friday) article is the first article I ever wrote for the Independent Political Report (IPR). It was published on December 31st, 2012:

On December 1, 2012, the Constitution Party held their National Committee Meeting in Saint Louis, Missouri. One of the invited guest speakers was Robby Wells, who back in November announced his 2016 presidential candidacy as an independent. Wells had run for the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination this year in April, but came in 3rd place, with 58 votes, or 14.6%.

Wells was introduced by CP National Vice-Chairman Randy Stufflebeam, who said he had received many inquiries from people as to what Robby Wells was up to.  Stufflebeam decided that the best way to set the record straight was to invite Wells to speak to the National Committee meeting.

Wells mostly used his 15 minute speech to promote himself and his campaign, throwing out nifty campaign slogans like “we are not the left wing or the right ring but the bird that sits in the middle.” He also mentioned that he was a national spokesman for the Clarion Call to Unite Committee (CCTUC), headed by Nevada CP activist Cody Quirk, which seeks to unite various constitutionalist parties like the America First Party and Independent American Party and bring them into the Constitution Party fold. He explained that running as an independent was a strategic plan designed to appeal to members of these parties so as to eventually unite them with the CP.

At the end of his speech, Wells took two questions from the audience. The first person inquired about his affiliation with the Reform Party and his support for Virgil Goode. Wells said he did support Goode and stated that he has always been listed as an independent. Earlier, in reference to Goode, Wells noted that “Virgil was so good that I stole his cousin to be my campaign manager.” Aaron Lyles, the present campaign manager for the Robby Wells 2016 campaign, is Goode’s first cousin.

The second individual, noticeably irritated with Wells, asked him if he had paid the $100+ fee that CP members paid to attend the meeting. Wells, after being pressed, admitted that he had not, and the CP member told him that since he had come to campaign, he should “support our group”. He elaborated that what Wells was doing did not feel right with him. Wells, unshaken and still smiling, said that he would cut him a check. After that, there were no more questions, and Wells left, saying he had to catch a flight.

Kristen Meghan, the Chicago press secretary for Wells’s campaign, issued a statement on this last question:

I just want to clarify one of the questions that was asked at the end of the speech. The Robby Wells Restoration team funded their own way to the event, we were invited and the fee one man referred to covered room/food/drinks, which we did not utilize.

Peter Gemma, a member of the CP’s National Executive Committee, attended the meeting. He had the following observations:

Wells was not well received…Outside of his entourage…there was only a smattering of polite applause. He left lots of questions and derisive talk in his wake.

He continued:

CP leaders and grass roots activists at the CP mtg. couldn’t remember anything he said or did to support Virgil Goode. When asked points blank, there was an excruciating 10 second pause before he said, he, um, supported the CP ticket; he offered no specifics and said he was in a rush to catch a plane. Now that he’s running full steam as an independent (since the day after the election), inquiring minds want to know: so, how’s the “continuing to be active in the CP party” thing working out?

In response to Peter Gemma, Robby Wells said this:

I was invited by the Vice Chair of the CP. Did anyone in the CP donate to my campaign when I was traveling around the country helping the CP with ballot access? There were several promises broken by CP members, but I have let that rest. You see, I believe that trivial differences and being small minded is what keeps things from growing. As far as Virgil is concerned, I put out a statement congratulating him. He and I spoke after the National Convention, and I offered to campaign with him. He had my phone number, but I did not receive a call.

Trent Hill, IPR contributor, responded to Wells by writing this comment:

You left the Reform Party, got crushed in the CP convention (And swore you’d stay in the party), decided to try to run as a Republican and win Ron Paul delegates (and won zero), and then decided to run as an Independent. All in about a 10 month period. That’s the definition of inconsistent and opportunistic.

When asked by this reporter if he was seeking the CP nod in 2016, Wells said that his goal was to bring all “Constitutional Conservative Parties” back together and unite them with the Constitution Party to gain traction and produce winning campaigns.

Whatever Wells ultimately decides to do, and regardless of what people think of him, one thing is for sure: this is not the last time that we’ll be hearing from this football coach turned presidential candidate.

A video of Wells speaking to the CP meeting is available below: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hmlp1jWL72k

William Saturn: Bob Whitaker Resigns from American Freedom Party Presidential Ticket

The following was published by William Saturn at IPR on April 7th, 2016:

Longtime political operative Bob Whitaker has resigned from the 2016 presidential ticket of theAmerican Freedom Party (AFP) over the party’s softening language and explicit support for GOP presidential front-runner Donald Trump.

“You’re fighting the good fight,” Whitaker wrote in a letter informing AFP chairman William Johnson of his decision, “I just don’t think you’re very good at it.”

Whitaker is known for coining the phrase “White Genocide” to describe the declining percentage of Whites in the United States.  In March, in an effort to be “more diplomatic” with the media, the AFP Board decided to replace the term “White Genocide” with “physical, administrative removal of Americans of European extraction.”  In addition, it asked members to use the terms “white advocates” or “advocates of European heritage” in lieu of “White Nationalists.”

“I’ve never had this happen,” says Whitaker, “I’ve been in campaigns for fifty years, and I’ve never seen anything as screwed up as this.”

Whitaker originally had been the party’s vice presidential nominee but moved atop the ticket in July after the resignation of blog editor Kenn Gividen, the original presidential nominee.

For some time Whitaker has expressed disappointment with the party’s backing of Trump to the detriment of his own campaign.  Party funds have been used for robo-calls supporting Trump.  During an interview with American Third Party Report back in December, he revealed, “I don’t think the [A]FP really supports me one way or the other.”

The AFP has ballot access in Mississippi. Safety Specialist Tom Bowie of Maryland is currently the Vice Presidential nominee.

From WhitakerOnline.com, April 4th, 2016:

As Bob stated to Johnson, “this is not a sudden decision”.

During the March 26th AFP Board meeting, Bob told Johnson and the AFP Board that their proposed Trump cabinet idea was “childish and amateurish”, “total kindergarten”.

The past few months Johnson and the AFP seem more focused on promoting and spending money on peasant Trump’s campaign instead of Bob’s.

“I’ve never had this happen. I’ve been in campaigns for fifty years, and I’ve never seen anything as screwed up as this.”

Below is our side of the audio from the March 26th Board Meeting where we are discussing their proposed Trump cabinet:
March 26 Board Meeting

Johnson’s email less than 24hrs after the board meeting:
“To: Bob Whitaker,

I stand ready to follow your council. No more ineffective approaches. Here is the release that Tom Sunic will send out.”

“No more ineffective approaches” but here’s the Trump Cabinet you said was “total kindergarten” that Tom Sunic will send out since you wont, Bob.

The AFP’s approach seems to be focused on getting media attention, any media attention, instead of getting a consistent message out there and doing what WORKS.

Bob is a professional at knife edge politics, but rather then listening to the professional, the AFP board abandon Bob and his expertise for the likes of Jared Taylor, Tom Sunic and Kevin MacDonald, each of them advising the AFP to drop the most effective meme for our cause to date, “White Genocide”.

“It is important to make waves and let them know we are here. BTW. Let’s be a wee more diplomatic with the ms media. Instead of using the right word “ white genocide” let’s use “ physical, administrative removal of Americans of European extraction” ; instead of “white nationalists” – lets use “white advocates” or, or “advocates of European heritage.” etc. I know it does not sound right for us, but that’s the name of the game in pc DC and Brussels. I am sure JD Team would appreciate it. Send the pr to him. Let’s stick together now and forget our minor divergences.” – Tom Sunic

“I agree that “genocide” is too strong. It sounds like people attacking us with machetes and pitchforks. I think simple “dispossession” is better. Also white nationalism sounds pretty stern. I think white advocacy sounds less scary but says what we want to say.” – Jared Taylor

“I agree. If you say genocide, people roll their eyes. It’s not a good label to use in a sound bite.” – Kevin MacDonald

Bob’s note to Johnson:

Your note to Laura said that while the Party hasn’t a dime for my campaign now, those radio ads will be something!

The radio ads, of course, are months off.

You will not give me any information about how these wildly successful ads for Trump are actually doing.

We peasants get no info on how your other fund raising is going.

You know, even when recommending my first book, the National Review crowd always assumed anybody with a Southern accent was an idiot.

I do not want my ads, if they finally come up, to be written by you or one of your heroes.

So it would be better, while we’re still friends, for me to withdraw from our theoretical place on the AFP ticket.

You have no idea what BUGS is about, but our one big goal was to get “White Genocide” and some other terms to go viral.

Once people hear white genocide there’s no going back to a comfortable use of “diversity.”

We have succeeded in our main aims. I thought I might help Trump somehow by using the free speech cowardice of Republicans, but it’s not my problem now.

So best of luck.

You’re fighting the good fight. I just don’t think you’re very good at it.

All the best.

Bob, Tom and Laura.

Second note to Johnson:
I appreciate your dedication, Mr. Johnson, but I spent years dealing with the snobs at National Review and I am just too damned OLD to take it any more.

When Huffington asked Taylor about the Whitaker for President campaign, he said, “I was not awayyah that there WAS a Whitaker for President.”  Your folks are STILL fighting against white genocide.

I hear from the Board every cliché about BUGS, “It’s tiny”– it was US, not YOU, that Trump retweeted. We have had a HUGE impact.  But I hear the sniping, loud and clear.

So this is not a sudden decision.

I went through it several times, especially when Rusher and I forced the Reagan crowd to go for the “Wallace Democrats” vote, which suddenly became the “Reagan Democrats” that all the snobs were always all for.

Buckley for me was “Country and Western Marxist.”

You are a good man, but I simply cannot take this knife in the back and snob attitudes the way I once could.

I’m Too Old to Grovel

I am writing on my seventy fifth birthday, so the reason for my deciding to refuse the American Freedom Party nomination is timely.

One of biggest sacrifices I had to make throughout my life for the sake of power was my dignity. I was always the guy the National Review and Republicans crowd laughed at because I was right at home dealing with what they considered dirty old working people.

Intelligence Ivy Leaguers had the same attitude to my being able to go out in the bush and rally those minorities they loved so much publically.

I did a lot and took that scorn as the price of what I was doing.

If there was a budget, as there often wasn’t, their phone calls took precedence over saving lives, just as trips for AFP Board members’ trips somewhere are great, but my paying a pittance to my staff represents a giant sacrifice on their part.

But I have decided I am just too damned OLD to take this crap anymore.

We went viral with white genocide, then the Party decided that Donald Trump’s campaign might need some more toilet paper, so Mistah Taylor took over the robocalls.

The Huffington Post asked Lord Taylor, “What about the Whitaker for President campaign.”

He replied “I was not awayyah (that’s “aware” to us peasants) that there WAS a Whitaker for President campaign.”

They wanted me to stay on the ticket. They said they wanted me because of my expertise.

Bless their hearts, they wouldn’t know political professionalism if it turned purple and danced in the streets before them.

I understand that the real Lunchioneers on the Board, the ones who can raise money for their groups, want to ditch “white genocide.” They do not raise money using something effective in real power politics.

The real reason they feel they need me is because one candidate has already quit on them this year, and me an Tom going might hurt them.

But, as you can see from Lord Taylor’s familiarity with the AFP’s campaign for me, they really have nothing to lose.

Libertarian Party of California Elects New Regional Representative

From Jill Pyeatt at IPR, April 4th, 2016:

Jeff Hewitt

Mr. Jeff Hewitt was elected as the new Regional Representative for Region 4, which includes California, New Mexico and Nevada, to the Libertarian National Committee. Mr. Hewitt now serves as mayor of Calimesa, CA, and is running for the State Assembly. He has also recently regrouped the Libertarian Party of Riverside.

Jeff Hewitt’s wife, Wendy, will serve as an Alternate At-Large Representative for the Libertarian Party of California. Continue reading

Libertarian Party Presidential Candidate Darryl W. Perry Selects Muslim Running Mate

Darryl Perry

CONTACT: Darryl W. Perry
Phone: 202-709-4377                                    NEWS RELEASE
Email: Darryl@DarrylWPerry.com           FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

Libertarian Presidential candidate Darryl W. Perry selects Muslim running mate Continue reading

Charles Peralo interviews Libertarian presidential candidates Gary Johnson, Darryl W. Perry, Derrick Michael Reid and Marc Allan Feldman

Thanks to IPR‘s Jed Ziggler for the links to the following videos, which feature Charles Peralo interviewing Libertarian Party presidential candidates Gary Johnson, Darryl W. Perry, Derrick Michael Reid, and Marc Allan Feldman:

(Note: in an earlier version of this article, we ommitted the interview with Marc Allan Feldman, the fourth candidate at the Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania debate. We apologize for this error -KL)

Continue reading