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Independent Candidate Enters Race for U.S. House in Illinois

Map of Illinois’ 10th congressional district

From the Aquarian Agrarian:

Originally Written on March 27th, 2016

Edited on March 29th and 30th, 2016

Joseph Kopsick, a 29-year-old resident of Lake Bluff, is running as a New Party candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives. He will be fighting to represent Illinois’s 10th District, along with some other recognizable names. An Illinois native, Kopsick was born at Lake Forest Hospital in 1987, attended area public schools in Lake Bluff throughout his childhood, and graduated from Lake Forest High School in 2005. He majored in political science at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, graduating with a bachelor’s in 2009. While living in Madison, Kopsick ran for the U.S. House from Wisconsin’s 2nd District in 2012, and also ran for Oregon’s 3rd in 2014.

Kopsick decided to move back home to Illinois after traveling around the country getting to know different kinds of people, and understanding their struggles and what they need most from their government. In a country so divided, Kopsick now feels that the battle for the House is just as important in Illinois’s 10th as anywhere else. Kopsick declared his candidacy in November, citing a lack of diversity of opinion among the other candidates on numerous key issues. He believes that his opponents’ records do not sufficiently reflect an interest in reducing federal power, practicing a non-interventionist foreign policy, and supporting personal freedom.

Kopsick desires to reduce the size of the federal workforce, cap spending at lower levels, and help pass a Balanced Budget Amendment. He opposes income taxes, but would accept a Negative Income Tax. He considers taxes on sales, gifts, estates, and investments as discouraging productive behavior. Kopsick favors an integrated approach to taxes and the environment, desiring to reform property taxes so as to fund government solely through fees on natural resource extraction, and fines on pollution and blight and disuse of land. He opposes privatizing Lake Michigan’s water rights, favoring the establishment of community land and water trusts.

Kopsick opposes federal gun control legislation, and supports strengthening the Second Amendment by restoring it to its original intent of protecting the right of conscientious objection to military conscription. Concerning immigration, Kopsick opposes building a border wall, and would support legislative deferred action for childhood arrivals and their parents, rather than executive orders or memoranda effecting the same. On health, Kopsick will work to expand insurance coverage by legalizing interstate insurance purchase and eliminating the tax credit for employer provided insurance. He opposes federal restrictions on abortion, and considers mandated ultrasounds intrusive, costly, and medically unnecessary.

On labor issues, Kopsick has criticized both Right to Work laws and compulsory union voting, and prefers allowing workers to personalize their retirements and opt-out of Social Security rather than privatizing the program. As alternatives to increasing the federal minimum wage, Kopsick hopes to increase the dollar’s purchasing power by reining-in the Federal Reserve, eliminating tariffs and sales taxes, and improving the balance of trade. Kopsick’s political writing is available on his blog www.aquarianagrarian.blogspot.com, and you can join the conversation about his campaign on Facebook at “Joe Kopsick for Congress 2016 (IL-10)”, and on Twitter @JoeK4Congress.

Press release: Independent congressional candidate Bill Fraser kicks off petition period

Brochure for Bill Fraser’s campaign (from Facebook)

The following was posted on Bill Fraser’s Facebook page on March 29th, 2016: Continue reading

David Earl Williams III interviewed on the Brower Report

David Earl Williams III, independent candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 9th district, recently attended the Chicago protest of Donald Trump’s visit, which was ultimately cancelled.

Acting out on my first amendment right – I join thousands of others protesting the reckless presidential campaign of GOP candidate Donald Trump.

If you help elect me to Congress, I’ll deport Donald Trump to China – once again, making America great again!! – David Earl Williams III

Today, David Earl Williams III, independent candidate for Congress in Illinois 9th district (who has publicly announced his intention to join the Libertarian Party after the election), was interviewed on the Brower Report, a Blog Talk Radio show. The interview show lasts for 66 minutes, though note that the interview doesn’t last for the entire duration of the show. Listen to the interview at the link below:


Illinois candidate: Cancel Donald Trump rally at University of Illinois at Chicago

David Earl Williams III campaign logo

The following is a March 5th press release from the David Earl Williams III campaign. Williams III is running as an independent candidate for Congress in Illinois’ 9th congressional district and has publicly stated his intention to join the Libertarian Party after the election.  Continue reading

The North Star interviews Mary Scully, independent socialist candidate for president

mary scully

Mary Scully

From Jim Brash at The North Star, February 20th:

1. Tell us about yourself and your personal history as an activist and socialist.

I come from a conservative, Catholic working class family. My father was an electrician. I am the 4th of 19 children and spent most of my youth caring for siblings since my mother was always pregnant. To this day, children remain my primary inspiration in politics.

I had no options in 1962 for going to college. My grades had suffered from doing childcare, and as a working class girl, college was unaffordable and wasn’t considered my destiny. I had always been interested in children with learning disabilities and worked throughout high school summers at a boarding school run by nuns for learning disabled girls. High school graduation looked like a 600-foot cliff so I applied to the order and joined in 1962.

I remained in the novitiate for just over 2-1/2 years but left for several reasons: they removed me from childcare because I refused to use physical violence on the girls and made me an apprentice cook instead; the Vietnam War had started and one of my older brothers was sent but the convent would not allow me to read about the war; they would not allow me to go to college because they said I lacked sufficient intelligence; and lastly, I was deeply offended by the unequal relationships between men and women in the church.

I worked after the convent as a bank teller and then applied to the University of Minnesota since student aid was now available to working class students. I began in 1966 and my first mission on the campus was to head for the antiwar movement. I also became involved in Palestinian solidarity in 1967.

I had become a feminist in the convent and when the women’s movement began in NYC, I took a suitcase on a bus to a Cleveland antiwar conference in 1970 and hitchhiked on a bus from the conference to NYC.  I became involved in building the August 26th 1970 Women’s March for Equality and am a part of its history.

I joined the Young Socialist Alliance in 1970 and SWP in 1971. My tenure was always troubled because I found it profoundly elitist and undemocratic in its internal functioning. But I am forever grateful for the theoretical education I received—from the literature I was introduced to, especially James P. Cannon and Trotsky; through the political debates and disputes; and from activism in several movements.

I might also say there is a negative kind of education one receives from rebelling against lack of democracy in an organization. I had sharp disputes with the SWP leadership for many years and resigned after eleven years because I found the leadership dishonesty, arrogance, and lack of democracy intolerable and recognized it had no chance in hell of leading social transformation anywhere. The experience has made me  hyper-sensitive to lack of democracy within organizations.

2. Why are you running in 2016?

I knew it would be an uphill battle but there was no one running who represented the political perspectives of socialists—the uncompromising opposition to wars; absolute commitment to the struggle of the Black community against discrimination and the war on Black youth; ardent support for refugees and immigrant rights; and commitment to women’s rights, LGBT rights, and other social struggles.

Read the rest of the interview here. 

Throwback Thursday: I interview a David Earl Williams III campaign operative on The Lesiak Report

Throwback Thursday: On May 25th, 2013, I interviewed a campaign operative for David Earl Williams III, a libertarian conservative candidate who ran for the Republican Party’s nomination for Congress in Illinois’ 9th district, losing in a close contest with 47.6%, or 14,148 votes. Williams III quit the GOP in late 2015 and now is running as an independent for the same congressional seat this year, and has publicly stated that after the election he plans on joining the Libertarian Party.

Disclosure: I was a campaign staffer for Williams III during a portion of his 2014 run.