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Video of second part of John Stossel’s Libertarian presidential forum

Here is the second part of the Libertarian presidential forum on John Stossel’s Fox Business show, which aired on April 8th, 2016. The forum features John McAfee, Austin Petersen and Gary Johnson.

John McAfee appears on the Alex Jones Show

John McAfee was a guest on the Alex Jones radio program today. The video runs for 28 minutes.

Video of yesterday’s Fox Business Libertarian presidential forum

Yesterday, part one of a Libertarian Party presidential forum hosted by John Stossel aired on the Fox Business Network. Several videos of the debate have surfaced on YouTube, including the 50 minute one below. Part two of the forum will air next Friday, April 8th.

Libertarian presidential debate streaming live on Fox Business now


Libertarian Party presidential candidates Austin Petersen, Gary Johnson and John McAfee are being shown in a pre-recorded debate airing right NOW on Fox Business Network. Watch the live stream here.

The Next News Network: John McAfee–The American Political Anti-Virus?

From IPR, March 11th:


Libertarian Party candidate for President John McAfee invites Austin Petersen to drop acid with him

On March 7th, 2016, the Libertarian Party of North Carolina hosted a presidential debate live over YouTube. Austin Petersen, one of the Libertarian Party candidates for president, said afterwards that one of the most memorable moments of the debate was when McAfee said,”I like you, Austin, very much. I would recommend that, since you have very little experience with it, that you spend an afternoon with me dropping 2 hits of acid.”

The full five minute video including  McAfee’s comment is below: