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Jill Stein tops 80% in Arizona Green Party presidential primary


Green Party Watch, March 23rd:

With 85% of precincts reporting, Jill Stein has easily won the Arizona Green Party presidential primary, receiving 567 votes, or 82% of the total, to Kent Mesplay’s 125 (18%). Stein and Mesplay were the only candidates on the Green primary ballot. Continue reading

Green Party presidential candidates: Cherney says he was “threatened physically by a Trump supporter”, Mesplay releases campaign video, Stein demands to be included in tonight’s CNN forum

Three new articles released published today at Green Party Watch feature Green Party presidential candidates Darryl Cherney, Kent Mesplay and Jill Stein:


Darryl Cherney

Continue reading

Green Party press release on Arizona presidential debate

From GP.org, February 24th:


Phoenix, AZ—The Arizona Green Party (AZGP), and the Green Party of Maricopa County (GPMC), will co-host the Green Party Presidential Candidates’ Town Hall/Debate on Saturday, March 12, 2016 at 1:00pm at the Mesa Public Library (Main Branch), Saguaro Room (2nd Floor).

AZGP has qualified two of their presidential candidates, Kent Mesplay (http://mesplay.org), and Jill Stein (http://www.jill2016.com), for the Arizona Presidential Preference Election on Tuesday, March 22, 2016. The two candidates have confirmed they will speak at the town hall. Angel Torres, AZGP state co-chair, stated, “This will be the third Green Party presidential candidate debate that we have hosted. Our registered Greens should take advantage of this opportunity to attend, and find out where the candidates stand on the important issues facing Arizona, our nation, and our world.” AZGP previously hosted presidential candidate debates in 2008, and 2012.

Green Party presidential candidate Kent Mesplay is a retired air quality inspector and emergency shelter manager from Encinitas, California, with a Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering. Kent has been a member of the Green Party since 1995, and served as a California delegate to the Green Party-US National Committee from 2004 to 2015. He is of Blackfoot ancestry. Kent previously sought the Green Party presidential nomination in 2004, 2008, and 2012. Dr. Mesplay stated, “I’m seeking the Green Party presidential nomination to help with Native American pride, protect Indigenous rights, get the treaties supported, and to grow the Green Party. I urge Arizonans to grow more of their own food, and enact local solutions for survival and sustainability.”

Dr. Jill Stein is a mother, physician, a teacher of internal medicine, and an environmental-health advocate from Lexington, Massachusetts. She is a member of the Green-Rainbow Party of Massachusetts. Jill was the Green Party’s presidential nominee in 2012. In addition, she was her state Green Party’s candidate for Governor in 2002, a Green Party candidate for State Representative in 2004, and a Green Party candidate for Secretary of State in 2006. Dr. Stein stated, “A political revolution is stirring in America as people look for alternatives to a political establishment that has failed them. As the only political party that has not been poisoned by corporate money, the Green Party provides a new way forward. Our very survival depends on building new Green alliances that value people, planet and peace over profits.”

Dr. Mesplay and Dr. Stein will be in Tucson, Thursday, March 10, 2016, and in Phoenix, Friday and Saturday, March 11-12, 2016. The two Green Party presidential candidates are in Arizona to:

· Help build and grow the state Green Party

· Recruit volunteers, supporters, and donors for their respective campaigns

· Get Out the Vote (GOTV) amongst Green Party voters for the Arizona Presidential Preference Election on Tuesday, March 22, 2016.

Seating is limited for the March 12th Town Hall, so folks interested in attending are encouraged to register/RSVP using the Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/green-party-presidential-candidates-town-halldebate-tickets-21839799428. For more information, call the AZGP voicemail at (602)417-0213, or e-mail: .

The mission of the Arizona Green Party (AZGP) is to build and sustain an alternative, progressive political party that promotes and practices the Ten Key Values. We do not accept corporate donations and uniquely rely on the generosity of individual donors and volunteers. The four pillars of the Green Party are: Grassroots Democracy, Social Justice, Ecological Wisdom, and Non-violence.


Arizona Greens to host Mesplay-Stein debate on March 12

arizonaThe two Green Party candidates on the Arizona presidential primary ballot, Kent Mesplay and Jill Stein, will appear at a town hall/debate on Saturday, March 12 in Mesa.

The 1:00 p.m. event at the Mesa Public Library is hosted by the Arizona Green Party and the Green Party of Maricopa County. State co-chair Angel Torres said, “This will be the third Green Party presidential candidate debate that we have hosted [following 2008 and 2012]. Our registered Greens should take advantage of this opportunity to attend, and find out where the candidates stand on the important issues facing Arizona, our nation, and our world.”

Mesplay and Stein will both be campaigning in Arizona March 10-12. The primary is on March 22. (Green Party Watch, Ferbruary 24th)

About Kent Mesplay, from Wikipedia:

Kent Mesplay (born July 19, 1962) is an American activist and perennial candidate with the Green Party of the United States. Mesplay, who has been a member of the Green Party of California since 1995, sought the Green Party’s presidential nomination in 2004, 2008, 2012 and is seeking the nomination in 2016.

Mesplay was born to American parents on July 19, 1962 in Madang, Papua New Guinea. He was the valedictorian of his graduating class at Mira Mesa Senior High School in 1980. He is also a graduate of Harvey Mudd College and a doctorate in biomedical engineering from Northwestern University. He works as an air quality inspector in San Diego County, California.[1]

Election results[edit]

In 2004, Mesplay finished in third place in the second and final round of voting at the 2004 Green National Convention behind David Cobb.

In 2008, which was Mesplay’s 2nd run for President, he finished 4th in Arkansas, 5th in California, 6th in the District of Columbia and 3rd in Illinois.[2] Mesplay finished in 4th place with a total of 35 delegates at the 2008 Green National Convention.

In 2012, Mesplay finished in second place in the Arizona Green Party primary.[3] He appeared on NBC San Diego to discuss ballot access problems and the Green Party presidential nomination process.[4] Mesplay finished in third place with 17 total delegates.

In 2016, Mesplay is one of 5 candidates recognized by the GPUS. He will be on the presidential primary ballots in Arizona, California and Massachusetts.[5]

Green Party Watch: Five Greens To Compete In California Presidential Primary


(The following was originally published in Green Party Watch.)

The office of California Secretary of State Alex Padilla has released the official list of candidates for the state’s June 7 presidential primary ballot, and, as Ballot Access News writes, “the list has some surprises.”

The Secretary of State added one name “to the Green Party’s list. The state party had not listed Sedinam Curry-Moyowasifa, but the Secretary of State added her anyway. She is a declared candidate for the Green Party presidential nomination, and she is on the Massachusetts Green Party’s presidential primary ballot.” The Green Party ballot will list Darryl Cherney, Sedinam Moyowasifsa-Curry, William Kreml, Kent Mesplay, and Jill Stein.

In addition, the Secretary of State “deleted one name from the Peace & Freedom list. He deleted Jill Stein, even though she wanted to be on that ballot. It may be that the Secretary of State removed her…because he decided it is improper for anyone to be listed in the presidential primary of two different ballots,” though California has no law to that effect. Gloria Estela La Riva, Lynn Sandra Kahn, and Monica Moorehead will be the only names on the Peace & Freedom Party ballot.

Green presidential candidate Bill Kreml says Jill Stein will “probably” be Green presidential nominee

From Green Party Watch, February 3rd, 2016:


Bill Kreml

Green Party presidential candidate Bill Kreml said that Jill Stein will “probably” be the Green nominee. Continue reading