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Kshama Sawant urges Sanders to join Stein on Green ticket, or run as independent

Green Party Watch, April 17th, 2016:


Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant has launched an online petition urging Sen. Bernie Sanders, who is currently seeking the Democratic presidential nomination, to join Jill Stein on a Green Party ticket or to run as an independent.

Sawant said, “The stakes are too high to let this moment slip through our fingers. That’s why I’ve launched this petition urging Bernie — if he is blocked in the rigged primary process — to run as an independent, or as a Green on the ticket with Jill Stein. We can’t allow the corporate media, Wall Street PACs, and the Democratic Party establishment to derail this movement before the real presidential election even begins.”

Real Change News: Introverted Socialist

Kshama Sawant

(The following was originally published in Real Change News.)

Kshama Sawant helped raise the minimum wage. Now she wants more affordable housing. The City Councilmember says she’s shy. But that won’t stop her from taking on affordable housing and SHA in particular.

At 5 p.m., on Sept. 23, at a protest planning meeting at NewHolly, a Seattle Housing Authority (SHA) mixed-income neighborhood, Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant and her staff looked pretty disorganized. An SHA informational meeting about Stepping Forward, a proposed program that would significantly raise rents on thousands of SHA tenants, would soon begin, and Sawant’s team had forgotten markers to make signs. They had even forgotten tape to hang up the signs. The protest planning meeting was sparsely attended: five SHA tenants, five Socialist Alternative members, a representative of Radical Women, a union organizer, one unaffiliated guy, an interested passerby and Sawant. Fifteen people.

There were stacks of leaflets in five languages: Somali, Tigrinya (Eritrea), Amharic (Ethiopia), Spanish and English. Sawant’s staff had printed up hundreds of signs with one of three slogans: “Tax the Rich,” “Stepping Backwards” or “No Rent Increase.” There were also small “chant sheets” with suggested slogans to shout out during the meeting.

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Democracy Now: Socialist Seattle Politician Kshama Sawant:”We Need a Radical Militant Nonviolent Climate Movement

Kshama Sawant

(The following was originally published in Democracy Now.)

Climate activists traveled from across the country and the world to take part in Sunday’s historic People’s Climate March in New York City. We speak to Seattle City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, who recently became the first Socialist elected to city office in Seattle in over a century.

Seattle Weekly News: Kshama Sawant Urges Bernie Sanders to Run as an Independent 2016 Presidential Candidate

(The following was originally published in the Seattle Weekly News.)

Over the weekend as an estimated 311,000 people took to the streets in Manhattan forthe largest environmental march in history, Seattle councilmember Kshama Sawant joined a star-studded climate panel in New York that included Naomi Klein and Bill McKibben to deliver a barnburner speech that ended with the endorsement of potential 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The Vermont senator was conveniently sitting next to her. Sanders has publicly flirted with an independent run, and isn’t afraid of the word “socialism.”

In the councilmember’s speech, Sawant declares the need for a new independent party and made it very clear what her vision of a Sanders/socialist America might look like:

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NWCN: Oil Train Protesters Arrested on Seattle Tracks

(The following was originally published in NWCN.)

SEATTLE — Seattle City Council member Kshama Sawant and Jess Spear, a candidate for the state legislature, were among the activists who blocked railroad tracks to protest oil trains in Seattle. Spear was arrested.

Sawant said it was sheer luck that the oil train that derailed in Seattle last week didn’t spill or explode. She said she supports protesting by using human shields to block oil shipments in Seattle and along the West Coast. Sawant wasn’t arrested.

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Kshama Sawant: Oil Trains: Example of Capitalism’s Destructive Environmental Agenda

Kshama Sawant

(The following was originally published on Socialist Seattle Councilwoman Kshama Sawant’s blog.)

On Thursday, the City of Seattle dodged a bullet when a BNSF train carrying Bakken crude oil derailed under the Magnolia Bridge without a leak or explosion. This is extremely alarming. It is important to stress how lucky we were that it wasn’t a real disaster. More oil was spilled last year by BNSF and other oil train companies in 2013 than in the previous 38 years combined.

The City Council of Seattle has passed a resolution to assess the impact of oil and coal trains and just circulated a letter asking for a ban on DOT-111 legacy tankers. This alone will not be enough, and I believe the council should consider stronger action, calling for a direct ban on oil trains. Councilmember O’Brien has spoken against oil trains many times, and I thank him for immediately visiting the site that day.

It is going to take a determined and defiant broad-based movement that will organize non-violent civil disobedience actions in favor of a ban oil and coal trains to shift away from fossil fuels, build support for rapid investment in alternative energy sources, and to challenge the environmentally destructive agenda of capitalism. Environmental activists who are part of such a movement also need to emerge as leaders who will challenge the two-party establishment of corporate politicians that have failed to even minimally address the environmental crisis.

Earlier today, three environmental activists locked themselves to the tracks in Anacortes, an oil train destination point. I stand in solidarity with such non-violent disobedience action, and will continue to use my seat on the Seattle City Council to build this movement with my fellow activists.