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Results of Missouri and North Carolina Libertarian Party presidential primaries

Libertarian Party Primary Results Gary Johnson Wins NC, Austin Petersen Wins MO

Image courtesy of ALibertarianFuture.com

On March 15th, both Missouri and North Carolina held presidential primaries for the Libertarian Party. The contests do not carry any binding in terms of how delegates will be assigned, but served as one of the first real indicators gauging support among the Libertarian Party presidential candidates. In Missouri, the “uncommitted” option came in first with Austin Petersen a distant second, while Gary Johnson (who was not on the ballot in Missouri) won in North Carolina, with “no preference” coming in second. Continue reading

Video of yesterday’s Libertarian presidential debate

Yesterday, the Libertarian Party of North Carolina hosted a presidential debate over Google Hangouts. Gary Johnson, John McAfee, Austin Petersen, Darryl W. Perry, Steve Kerbel and Jack Robinson participated.

Robinson used his opening statement to attack his fellow candidates. Robinson said:

“There are only two credible candidates in this race, Gary Johnson and me.”
“I’m angry over my opponents who tarnish the credibility of this party.”
“We have a drug kingpin, a businessman under investigation for securities fraud, a hobo anarchist, another who wants public hangings in front of children in order to induce fear and forced compliance, and finally Austin Petersen, SIN, a cowardly liar who having been soundly beaten by my son at the Georgia debate, misled his followers by editing him out of the video. As a businessman and his opponent, I find him immature, surely a failure in all he has attempted, believes cute is more important than competence, has irresponsible policies and who is by his own admission a razzling, dazzling liar.”

The debate, however, featured almost no personal attacks besides Robinson’s. The video of the debate lasts for an hour and forty-three minutes.


Libertarian Nick Haag running for state senate in North Carolina

Libertarian state senate candidate Nic Haag.

Libertarian state senate candidate Nick Haag

A link to the following article was posted on January 22nd to the Libertarian Party’s official Facebook page.  The article is from the Lincolnton, North Carolina based Lincoln Times-News.

Libertarian Nick Haag ready to shake up state senate race Continue reading

North Carolina LP will have 18 Libertarians on November ballot

From LPNC.org:

There will be 18 Libertarians on November ballots across the state, including candidates for the state’s top three officers, governor, lieutenant governor and U.S. Senate.

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News and Observer covers the North Carolina LP

From Lp.org:


The News and Observer, a daily newspaper in Raleigh, NC, ran an article yesterday (12/16/15) on the North Carolina Libertarian Party and its statewide 2016 candidates. Continue reading

The Daily Caller: Libertarian Nominee in N.C. Senate Race Calls Voter “Ignorant Moron”


(The following was originally published in The Daily Caller.)

The Libertarian Party nominee for the U.S. Senate in North Carolina got into a heated Facebook argument this week with a voter, dismissing the woman as an “idiot” and an “ignorant moron.”

According to a screenshot of the conversation posted online by the voter, Libertarian nominee Sean Haugh was displeased when Janna Badalian of Raleigh, N.C. told him to drop out of the race. Badalian said Democratic Sen. Kay Hagan will win re-election if Haugh keeps “siphoning votes.”

At one point, Badalian suggested Haugh is a Democratic “plant.”

After getting into an argument over the point, the candidate fired back to Badalian: “Well, obviously our realities are quite detached. I prefer my reality over yours because logic, reason and evidence exist in mine. I pity ignorant morons such as yourself and wish you would stop voting.”

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