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Remso W. Martinez: Open Letter To The Libertarian Party Of Virginia

Published on RWMartinez.Liberty.me on April 7th, 2016:


We both know I am far from a party guy, but as long as my national and state member status is still active, I want to plea to you one thing if you’ll give me the time.

When I first discovered the concept of libertarianism in high school, I was introduced to the party by Gov. Gary Johnson in 2012 who said that the Libertarian Party was the perfect place for those who were “fiscally responsible and socially tolerant.” I spent the next several years studying the principles of liberty in order to become a better communicator, and eventually find a platform where I could be active in the Liberty movement.

In 2014 I became a card carrying member of the Libertarian Party and casted my first vote for Robert Sarvis for US Senate and Bill Redpath for Congress. I spent the next year and a half donating to Libertarian Party causes with what little money I had being a full time student. After my time at FreedomWorks came to an end, I worked full time helping Brian Suojanen and his campaign to win the open House of Delegates seat in Virginia’s 87th district. After that had ended, I spent five months as Austin Petersen’s deputy campaign manager in his race for the Libertarian presidential nomination.

I was with the party when it was seen as Cuccinelli’s spoiler; I was with the party when volunteers and donors were non-existent in the 2015 election in the Commonwealth; I was with the party when everyone else decided to “stand with Rand” and the idea of supporting a Libertarian candidate while the great Paul was in the race was seen as blasphemy. I was with the party up and till the point where I could no longer carry water for the racket of candidates who I simply could not morally stick up for (like the Satanist in Florida, the Anarchist from New Hampshire, and the dude who beat up cops in Virginia).

All while I was fighting the good fight with the Libertarian Party of Virginia, where was JD Thorpe?

JD Thorpe, hoping to receive the nomination in Virginia’s 10th congressional district, was funding, voting, and actively advocating on behalf of the neoconservatives and the establishment Republican Party. While he was paying lip service to Libertarian candidates in the last election cycle, the rest of us were working tirelessly to promote a bold, classical liberal message for free minds and open markets.

As an individual I believe that everyone should vote for those who they believe in regardless of party affiliation- but one thing is blatantly clear- Let Republicans nominate conservatives, let Democrats nominate progressives, and let Libertarians nominate libertarians.

JD Thorpe is no different than Donald Trump. You can’t spend a lifetime of activism in support of policy contrary to libertarianism and then suddenly ask to represent the party on a large scale as their anointed messenger.

It is better to not have a candidate at all in the race than to promote someone who doesn’t have your interest at heart.

For those of you who I met at the LP HQ in Alexandria this summer, I hope you remember my speech in which I quoted Barry Goldwater in saying that:

Extremism in defense of liberty is no vice, and moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.

Please consider that principle over party is more important than partisan success. I hope you will make the right decision when it is your turn to cast a vote at the upcoming convention.

Libertarian Party of Virginia elects new officers

The following is a March 6th press release from the Libertarian Party of Virginia:

The Libertarian Party of Virginia (LPVA) met in Sandston on Saturday (March 5, 2016), and elected officers to its State Central Committee (SCC) for the 2016-2018 term. Continue reading

Mark Anderson: Stripping Rights Away with the Terror Watch List

From LP.org, posted December 8, 2015:

Mark Anderson
Mark Anderson

The below press release was issued byMark Anderson, chairman of the Frederick County, Virginia Libertarians, and a 2015 candidate for the Virginia General Assembly:

If you have been even marginally scrolling through Facebook or online news sources, you’ve seen plenty of articles stating the NRA wants terrorists to be able to legally buy firearms. What those sources are referring to is the NRA-opposed and recently blocked-by-Republicans bill, Denying Firearms and Explosives to Dangerous Terrorists Act of 2015 ­ a bill that purports to “increase public safety by permitting the Attorney General to deny the transfer of firearms or the issuance of fire-arms and explosives licenses to known or suspected dangerous terrorists.” Continue reading

Collegiate Times: Libertarians Offer Viable Alternative to the Two-Party System

(The following was originally published in the Collegiate Times.)

You do not have to be a political science major to understand the patterns of elections in the United States.

The Republican and Democratic parties each nominate a candidate for a race and the two individuals run campaigns to prove they are the best fit for the job. This pattern, however, has been challenged for this year’s Commonwealth of Virginia general election, which will be held on Nov. 4, 2014.

 For the first time in history, the Libertarian Party of Virginia has successfully launched a statewide campaign for United States Congress in Robert Sarvis. This means that voters now have a third option in the race for Senate.

For any third party candidate to qualify for a position on a Virginia Senate election ballot, they must draft a petition for candidacy and secure a minimum of 10,000 signatures. Additionally, 400 signatures are required from each of the eleven congressional districts in the state. Similarly, for any third party candidate to qualify for a position on a Virginia Congressional election ballot, they must secure at least 1,000 signatures.

Read More

Sarvis Picks Up Endorsements


(Robert Sarvis is the Libertarian Party nominee for the U.S. Senate in Virginia. The following was originally published on his campaign website.)

CONTACT: Nicholas Cote

(571) 425-1261 (cell)

U.S. Senate Candidate Robert Sarvis Picks Up Endorsements 

September 29 – Former Republican Governor of New Mexico Gary Johnson and the Our America PAC have endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Robert Sarvis and released a statement arguing that “Robert Sarvis is Virginia’s Only Real Choice for Liberty and Freedom.”

Johnson was a popular two-term Republican Governor of New Mexico from 1995 to 2003. He ran for President in 2012 as a Libertarian, picking up over one million votes from Americans who have grown tired of the two-party system.

Johnson pointed to Virginia’s increasing diversity, saying that Sarvis “understands both liberty and diversity.”

Responding to the endorsement, Sarvis said, “It’s an honor to receive these endorsements. I have enormous respect for Gary Johnson and what he has accomplished as a businessman, as a Governor, and as an outspoken leader for freedom, equality, civil liberties, and fiscal responsibility. And the Our America PAC is an important voice for freedom that eschews partisanship and focuses on issues. I thank them for their endorsements.”

The Our America PAC has also endorsed Bill Redpath, the Libertarian candidate for Congress in Virginia’s 10th District.

The full text of the Our America PAC’s statement is below:

The Our America PAC, a political action committee advocating true fiscal restraint and civil liberties, is urging Virginia voters to support Robert Sarvis in the race for U.S. Senate.

In 201[3], as the Libertarian candidate for Virginia Governor, Sarvis received the highest share of the vote for a third-party candidate in a southern state in the past 40 years. He is challenging incumbent Democrat Senator Mark Warner.

Calling a vote for Sarvis a vote “to end business as usual in Washington”, Fmr. New Mexico Governor and Honorary Chairman of the Our America Initiative Gary Johnson said, “With polls showing that a majority of Americans now believe that neither of the two so-called ‘major’ parties represents them, Robert Sarvis offers a serious, credible alternative in a race that otherwise offers only slightly differing versions of status-quo big government.

“Virginia is an increasingly diverse state with a long history of appreciating liberty as a true American value. Robert Sarvis is a candidate who understands both diversity and liberty.”

Our America PAC advocates the election of candidates who support limited government and greater liberty. The PAC’s advocacy includes mobilizing grassroots support, social media activism and communications. As a “527” political organization, Our America PAC does not contribute directly to candidates or their campaigns.

[See All Press Releases]

BAN: Former GOP official becomes Robert Sarvis’s campaign manager

Robert Sarvis

According to this story, Caleb Coulter, a former member of the Roanoke, Virginia Republican Committee, has left the Republican Party and will be the campaign manager for Rob Sarvis, Libertarian nominee for U.S. Senate in Virginia.


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