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Democracy Now: Why Did the Former Republican Gov. of New Mexico Join the Libertarian Party to Run for President?

From LP.org


Gary Johnson, a candidate for the Libertarian Party 2016 Presidential nomination, was interviewed on the show Democracy Now, which is syndicated by Pacifica Radio, on April 27.

Click here to watch the interview.

Washington Times: LNC chair says former candidates have approached us about running

ImageNicholas Sarwark, chair of the Libertarian Party, said former presidential candidates have approached the LP to solicit information about launching a White House bid on the Libertarian ticket.

“We have been approached by candidates who have dropped out of the old party races about running on the Libertarian Party ticket,” Mr. Sarwark told The Washington Times. “At this point, none of them have jumped in … but we have explored the options and talked to them about the logistics of it, what they would have to do, how they would be able to become part of the process.”

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Throwback Thursday: Libertarians can reach minority voters with the right message

This article was originally published in the Sept. 2015 issue of LP News (page 7).

By Benjamin Smith

For too long, the assumption has been that African American voters will vote only for Democrats because social programs are the sole issue that concerns them. This is not true. There is opportunity to spread the Libertarian message with minority, lower-middle income, and poor communities across the United States. Continue reading

Libertarian Party: Hypocrite Kasich

John KasichThe John Kasich for president campaign accused Ted Cruz of practicing “dirty pool and dirty politics” – an apt description of what Kasich did when he used the power of his governor’s office to knock Libertarian challenger Charlie Earl off the ballot in 2014.

The Montana co-chair for the Kasich campaignmade the accusation after the Cruz campaign challenged the validity of Kasich’s petition signatures needed to get on the ballot in Montana.

There’s nothing dirty about a straightforward challenge of a candidate’s petition. But for an incumbent governor to exploit the power of his office to snuff out competition is anything but clean.

Read about John Kasich’s dirty tricks and why he’s unfit to be president.

Libertarian presidential debate to air on Stossel Show

For Immediate Release (LP.org)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Libertarian presidential debate to air on Stossel Show

Part One of the first, nationally-televised, pre-convention, Libertarian presidential debate will air April 1 on Fox Business Network’s Stossel Show at 9 PM ET. Part Two will air on April 8. Continue reading

NBC News: Will Republicans Find Solace in The Libertarian Party?

ImageFrom NBC News on March 24:

“As the Republican Party grapples with a potential Donald Trump nomination, third parties – especially those with established infrastructures and widespread ballot access – could become an avenue for alternatives.

“The split in the Republican Party over Trump’s candidacy has opened up a wide range of possibilities if a deep divide among Republicans continues to grow. A third party candidacy by a well-known establishment figure is one of those possibilities, and the Libertarian Party, which shares some philosophical ground with the GOP, would seem to be a natural fit.

“It’s the one third party in the best position to compete in a general election. It’s currently on the ballot in 32 states and is the only third party that has a chance to be on the ballot in all 50 states and Washington, D.C. in November.”

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