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Presidential candidate Marc Allan Feldman raps at Florida presidential debate

In his closing statement at the Libertarian Party of Florida’s presidential debate on April 9th, 2016, Libertarian presidential candidate Marc Allan Feldman delivered a rap. The text of his rap and the videos below (the second video features a beat along with the rap):

I’m Marc Allan Feldman, I’m an Ohio resident
I’m tellin you why I am running for President.
I’m getting old, but I’m still bold,
I got no fear cuz my blood runs cold.
Ill never get bought and Ill never get sold.
My ancestors were slaves, too. That is why I can represent you.
Because I am a Libertarian Jew.
Republicans and Democrats are whack.
They spend billions of dollars just to attack,
We’re done being slaves and we’re not going back.
LIbertarians are fresh and dope,
we don’t care who you marry, what you carry, or what you smoke.
So give a Libertarian your vote.
Cuz a billionaire will never care bout a country that’s broke.
They say you have to flash the cash to make a splash.
They promise you everything, then dine and dash.
I don’t buy it and I won’t try it.
The government is too fat, let’s put it on a diet.
The bureaucracy’s supposed to work for us.
They promise all the pork for us.
But they don’t deliver squat for us.

No more oppression or deep depression.
No apologies and no confessions.
A time for defiance, and self-reliance.
They think we are small, but we are like giants.
We may lose but before we die,
We gotta break these chains and fly.

Poor education that’s humiliation, discrimination and brutalization.
Inflation and taxation, brings inner city evacuation,
Dislocation, stagnation, mass incarceration
and most welfare is for the corporations.
These ten plagues afflict our nation.

John F. Kennedy had the remedy
Til he was killed by the enemy
The assassinations rocked our nation
Started a terrible conflagration
But he hadn’t lied, when he prophesied,
cuz what he said what simply incredible:
“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible,
Make violent revolution inevitable.”

No more oppression or deep depression.
No apologies and no confession.
A time for defiance, and self-reliance.
They think we are small, but we are like giants.
We may lose but before we die,
Let’s break these chains and fly.

Video of the Libertarian Party of Florida’s presidential debate

From IPR, April 10th, 2016:

Below is a video of yesterday’s Libertarian Party of Florida’s presidential debate featuring candidates Gary Johnson, Marc Allan Feldman, Darryl W. Perry and Austin Petersen. The video was taken from Petersen’s campaign Facebook page and re-uploaded to YouTube. It lasts for an hour and 16 minutes.

One testy moment of the debate came at the 40 minute mark in the video, when Darryl W. Perry said,  ” I would be doing a lot better than at least one candidate on this stage, who still owes about $1.4 million from his 2012 campaign.” Johnson immediately interrupted, saying it’s “it’s not true, it’s not true.” Perry countered, saying “that’s what the FEC filings say, Governor.”

Johnson replied that the FEC would not allow him to take “it” [campaign debt] off the books. Johnson added that every penny donated to his campaign goes to the 2016 campaign. As he was talking, the moderator yelled “order!” saying this was not the time for a campaign response. Johnson angrily responded: “when there is an outright lie or an outright misrepresentation,” before being cut off by the moderator, who told the former New Mexico governor  that “you are out of order.”

The moderator then proceeded to say that “money would still be owed to the 2012 campaign,” continuing the point Perry was making. A beet-faced Johnson retorted: “what…you as the moderator are saying what?” to which some of the audience responded with faint laughter. Johnson continued, saying “you are out of order” to the moderator.” After that, there was some more laughter followed by applause from the debate viewership,

Video of Pennsylvania Libertarian Party presidential debate

Yesterday, a video of the Pennsylvania Libertarian Party’s presidential debate surfaced on YouTube. From the video description:

Activist Darryl Perry, Doctor Marc Allan Feldman, Governor Gary Johnson & engineer Derrick Michael Reid compete in the city of brotherly love for the LP nomination debating libertarian principles, economics, foreign policy and growing the movement.

The video runs one hour and 54 minutes.

Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania currently hosting presidential debate (live video)

The Libertarian Party of Pennsylvania is currently hosting a presidential debate at its state convention in Philadelphia. Four presidential candidates are participating: Gary Johnson, Darryl W. Perry, Marc Allan Feldman and Derrick Michael Reid. There is a live stream of the presidential debate on Ustream. The live stream is below:

A Libertarian Future: First Libertarian Party Debate Highlights: 7 Losers, 4 Winners

Photo from the February 27th Libertarian Party presidential debate

From A Libertarian Future, February 28th:

After months of anticipation libertarians finally got to see their Presidential candidates debate. The first half of the first Libertarian Party debate included the eleven candidates who were able to make it to Mississippi. However, the video and audio quality made that segment rather unwatchable. That’s the unfortunate consequence of being an independent media organization without corporate sponsors. Luckily, they were able to fix some of the problems which improved the quality greatly for the second half of the debate. We watched the entire debate to bring you these Libertarian Party Debate Highlights but this article will mainly focus on the second half.

The Libertarian Parties of Mississippi and Alabama did manage to put on a rather good debate in the second hour. It was actually a real debate this time too. Each candidate was asked the same question and given time to compare and contrast their answers. The moderators didn’t try to pit one candidate against another or turn it into a reality show. However, some candidates did get voted off the island and there were still some clear winners and losers.

Read the rest of the article here. 

Note: The above article says that a candidate straw poll was conducted after the top five candidates presented themselves in the second round debate. According to the article, Gary Johnson won the straw poll with 38% of the vote, followed by John McAfee with 26%, Austin Petersen in third place with 17%, Darryl W. Perry in fourth place with 15%, and Marc Allan Feldman came in last place with just 4%.

Video of second part of yesterday’s Libertarian Party presidential debate

Yesterday, in Biloxi, Mississippi, ten candidates for the Libertarian Party’s presidential nomination participated in a debate. (One leading candidate, Steve Kerbel, was not present due to an illness).

While the first part of the debate was considered by some to be not of the best video quality (the Libertarian Party of Mississippi chairman even apologized for this), the second part of the debate was of better video quality, according to some. In the second part of the debate, only five candidates participated, from left to right: Marc Allan Feldman, John McAfee, Gary Johnson, Austin Petersen, and Darryl W. Perry.