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Ballot Access News: Independent Party Already is Circulating a Petition for Michael Bloomberg for President

(The following was originally published by Richard Winger in Ballot Access News)

The Independent Green Party, which exists only in Virginia and which is not associated with the Green Party, has already begun circulating a petition in Virginia for President. It lists Michael Bloomberg for President and Larry Ellison for Vice-President. In case those individuals choose not to run, Virginia law lets the Independent Green Party, or any petitioning group, substitute different names later. Thanks to Carey Campbell for this news.

Dallas Observer: Ross Perot’s Former Campaign Manager’s Advice to Presidential Candidate Bloomberg


(Pictured above is Ross Perot’s former campaign manager Russel Verney)

(The following was originally published in the Dallas Observer.)

Running a third-party candidacy is no picnic. Just ask Russell Verney, senior political adviser to H. Ross Perot during the 1992 presidential election and his 1996 campaign manager.

Perot headlined the two most successful third-party campaigns in modern U.S. political history. The Dallas native and billionaire received 18.9 percent of the popular vote in 1992 and 8 percent in 1996 — not enough to win any electoral college votes but staggeringly large tallies for an independent. “In ’92 and ’96 there was a real hunger for a change from politics as usual,” Verney says. “That’s the case now, except on steroids.”

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg this week confirmed to the Financial Times that he is considering a third-party run for the White House. The billionaire says he would largely use his own money to finance the campaign, from the signature petition to get on state ballots to the final week of intense advertising.

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MSNBC: The Campaign For A Bloomberg Campaign Is On

Michael Bloomberg

(The following was originally published on MSNBC.)

Kevin Sheekey ran Michael Bloomberg’s New York City mayoral campaigns in 2001 and 2005. He is considered the former mayor’s top political adviser. And in the aftermath of the New Hampshire primary, he is fueling rumors behind the $39 billion question in presidential politics: Will Michael Bloomberg run for president?

As he did in 2008, Sheekey is pushing the issue. Early Wednesday morning, with the results of New Hampshire still sinking in, Sheekey tweeted a New York Post story making the case for a Bloomberg candidacy.

“Sanders, Trump wins could open door for Bloomberg,” the headline reads.

One thing is clear, the campaign for a campaign, is on.

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Jesse Ventura: Doesn’t Bloomberg Represent Wall Street?


(The following was originally published in on Ora.tv)

“The Governor sounds off on rumors that former New York City mayor and billionaire Michael Bloomberg is considering a potential presidential run in time for the 2016 elections as an independent candidate.

How will Michael Bloomberg get ballot access at such a late date? They will tie him up in court.  I question how he could get that done in a timely manner.

He hasn’t announced anything yet.  The only way he could secure ballot access across all the states would be to align with the Libertarian party and securing their nomination.

I don’t believe the Libertarians would necessarily hand the nomination to him.  His positions on the legalization of marijuana is exactly the opposite of the party’s belief. Libertarians for the most part want to end the war on drugs.  Bloomberg, on the other hand, it seems would like to escalate it.  He doesn’t even support the medicinal use of marijuana.”

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Politico: Michael Bloomberg Confirms He’s Considering White House Bid

Michael Bloomberg

(The following was originally published in Politico.)

“Michael Bloomberg has confirmed he is considering a White House run.

The billionaire media mogul and three-time former New York mayor told Financial Times in an interview published Monday that he is “looking at all the options.”

Fellow New York billionaire Donald Trump has been leading polls on the Republican side for months, and Hillary Clinton only narrowly escaped Iowa with a victory over a self-described “democratic socialist.” Bloomberg, who is considering running as an independent, said Americans deserve “a lot better.”’

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New York Times: Michael Bloomberg revisits a potential White House run

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