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Scott Copeland wins Idaho Constitution Party primary

Scott Copeland

From the Idaho Constitution Party website, March 9th:

Well, it was an exciting night.  It was also marred with a curious error coming out of Bingham County.  Our Constitution Party candidate numbers were transposed, apparently, from the first three lines of the Republicans when the final two precincts reported from that county.

This had the effect of throwing over 130 votes to Mr. Myers incorrectly.  And that, of course, could have turned the election.  Upon an email notice to the Secretary of State’s overworked Elections Office late last night, regarding the obvious error,  Betsie Kimbrough, State Elections Director, reviewed the Bingham results.  Ms. Kimbrough deserves our compliments.

The Bingham County Clerk’s office did have the ballot numbers reported correctly on their county website.  However, the data handoff up to the State somehow went awry.  A correction was entered on the Unofficial Primary Night Results.  And we thank Ms. Kimbrough for that due diligence.

This brings up an important note.  The election reports being reported as they come in from the counties, are not yet official numbers.  The report is a service, basically to news wires and interested voters.  We will get Secretary Denney’s final certification on the ballots shortly.  THOSE will be official.

That said, with 18 precincts yet to report, Scott Copeland held 51.7% of the Constitution Party Idaho Primary ballot.  And therefore, he is the clear winner, especially since he holds the majority (versus a plurality).

To Mr. Copeland goes the state delegation’s eight (8) national delegates.  Idaho’s delegation will be bound for Salt Lake City, as the Constitution Party National Convention begins April 15th, 2016 to decide the national nomination.

Mr. J.R. Myers came in second, with 28.9% of the primary ballot.  Mr. Patrick Ockander placed third with 19.4%.  All three candidates will be placed into nomination by the Idaho delegation at National Convention as a matter of courtesy and custom.   This will ensure (assuming the Idaho nominations are properly seconded by another state’s delegation) that these candidates have podium time, as they ought.

Having invested time and treasure, the candidates should be permitted an address to the National Convention. This is generally considered as a matter of comity.  We suggest that it is even a matter of strength of platform.  As the platform is forged from diverse interests, it is wise to consider points of view from those candidates who have also earned significant votes from our fellow registered Constitution Party base–as have Mr. Myers and Mr. Ockander.

Anyhow, congratulations are due to all three candidates in this historical primary, and especially to Mr. Copeland the victor.  It is our hope that our national party will move in the future toward the direction that CP-Idaho has trail-blazed.  In order to grow and for the People to have confidence in the nomination process, that process must be opened to sunshine and water.  That, after all is how a seedling grows.  It is how it is nourished.

Idaho–it’s Copeland!

The results, from the Idaho Secretary of State

Scott Copeland 250 51.7%
CONSTITUTION J.R. Myers 139 28.7%
CONSTITUTION Patrick Anthony Ockander 95 19.6%

Patrick Ockander drops out of Constitution Party presidential race, endorses J.R. Myers and Ted Cruz

Patrick Anthony Ockander's Profile Photo

Patrick Ockander

J.R. Myers posted the following in an ATPR comment:

2/29/2016 P:atrick Ockander Drops out of CP POTUS race and endorses J.R. Myers:

“After much consideration, I have decided to step out of the CP race, and to rather put my support and my hat for VP in the ring with Ted Cruz, and I do this because his birthright is a moot point, that his dualistic nature is minimal, especially when compared with the Trump and rubio. I would hate to draw votes from Ted when the race is so close.
With that said, I’m offering my support within the CP to JR, who appears to hold my views most closely.

IF Ted Cruz doesn’t secure the RP nomination, I would consider the VP slot for JR.
GOD Bless America.

Ockander’s announcement leaves Scott Copeland and J.R. Myers as the two candidates actively campaigning for the Constitution Party’s presidential nomination, which will be decided April 13th-16th in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Recording of the Constitution Party presidential debate in Boise, Idaho

HOME PAGE - 2016 Debates2

On February 27th, 2016, a presidential debate was held for the candidates seeking the Constitution Party’s nomination, which will be decided in April in Salt Lake City, Utah. The debate was hosted by the Consitution Party of Idaho in the state’s capitol city of  Boise. Patrick Anthony Ockander, J.R. Myers and Scott Copeland participated. The three candidates will appear on the Idaho Constitution Party primary ballot on March 8th, the first time in the state’s history that the Constitution Party will have a contested presidential primary. A recording of the debate is available on Blog Talk Radio, and lasts about three hours.

Click here to listen to the recording.

Mark Wachtler: Meet the Constitution Party 2016 Presidential Candidates

From Mark Wachtler at Opposition News (February 24th), via Jed Ziggler at IPR

In 2012, the Constitution Party experienced a series of events which led to the nomination of the semi-Republican former Congressman Virgil Goode for President. And while Goode’s establishment credentials and name recognition earned him valuable media attention, his vote totals were a clear disappointment. Can the three 2016 candidates turn that trend around?

Disappointment in 2012

In 2012, this publication endorsed a certain candidate from Arizona for the Constitution Party Presidential nomination. He was promptly removed from the race by Party leaders who appeared determined to usher a well-known, professional politician into the Constitution Party nomination. Former Virginia GOP Congressman Virgil Goode was that politician. But the nominee never quite left the Republican Party and seemed to only make a half-hearted attempt to campaign.When the final results were tallied, Goode and the Constitution Party finished 5th overall with 122,378 votes. That was one-fourth the total received by the Green Party’s Jill Stein and one-tenth the total received by Libertarian Gary Johnson. It was also a decline compared to the 199,314 votes garnered by the Constitution Party 2008 Presidential nominee Chuck Baldwin. By comparison, the Libertarian nominee received almost three-times the vote from four years earlier, while the Green candidate received four-times the number of votes as in 2008.

2016 Candidates

This election cycle, there are three serious and credible candidates seeking the Constitution Party Presidential nomination. All are respected rank and file Party members and each believes they can improve on the showing the Constitution Party candidate received four years ago. Here is a brief summary of the three candidates.

J.R. Myers – Alaska (from JRMyersForPresident.com):

“I was born in Great Falls, Montana, January 3, 1963…I am the descendant of pioneers from several Northern & Central European countries, as well as the Cree/Metis people of Canada and Montana. I graduated from Charles Marion Russell High School and while there, was a Peer Counselor, President of the Native American Club and a National Merit Semifinalist. I graduated a semester early and became the youngest Licensed Realtor in Montana. At that time, I was elected by the Great Falls Native American community to serve on the Board of Directors of the Great Falls Native American Association and Health Clinic. I was also a founding member of the Great Falls NAACP along with the late Reverend Philip Caldwell. I was a Reagan Republican and was later elected as a Republican Precinct Committeeman and Served on the Flathead County Republican Central Committee.

My political resume includes affiliation, service and leadership in the Montana Republican, Libertarian and Reform Parties, the last two which I chaired. Since returning to Alaska in 2003, I was a member of the Alaskan Independence Party for seven years, rising to become AIP Vice Chair. In 2010 I founded and continue to Chair the Alaska Constitution Party, which is a formal affiliate of the national Constitution Party.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, NationaI Certified Counselor and Chemical Dependency Counselor. I can usually be found every Sunday at the Haines Christian Center (Assembly of God) where I often teach adult Sunday School and sing in the Praise and Worship team. I have dedicated my life to the service of others, striving to provide hope and healing in the Last Frontier. I am stepping forth in faith to offer my service to the people of The United States of America as their President in 2016.”

View JR Myers’ campaign platform positions here.

Scott Copeland – Texas (from ScottCopelandUSA.com):

“Scott was born on October 7, 1963, in Jackson, Mississippi. He is an ordained and licensed minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ…He helped in the development and structure of the Southern Baptist of Texas Convention and served on the Executive Board for three two year terms. Scott also served on the Credentials Committee of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Scott has worked in several family owned businesses. Scott worked for the MSDOT in the Right of Way Division for over nine years becoming the youngest supervisor to date. He prepared the Engineering Section’s budget for personnel, computer request, and served as the Division PC Administrator & Education Coordinator for CADD Intergraph Systems. Upon departing MSDOT Scott started a CADD service business working with many clients in the Civil Engineering and Land Surveying business as well as bidding and working on projects for the MSDOT Right of Way Division as a sub-contractor.

Scott has been involved in problem solving and the implementation of new policies for most of his life. He has authored one book entitled “Your 2012 Middle Class President”. Scott is not a politician, but believes firmly God has called the United States of America to be a leader in God’s created world. Scott is committed to the Word of God as a life building guide to a personal relationship with God. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and the Amendments are firmly based in Judeo-Christian values and morality, and the citizens have the God given rights to demand the government remain true to these documents and America’s politicians be held accountable for their actions…Scott, praise God, has never held public office. However, he has entered the 2016 Presidential race and is seeking the nomination of the Constitution Party.”

View Scott Copeland’s campaign platform positions here.

Patrick Ockander – Texas (from PatrickOckander.com):

“Who am I? I consider myself an American Patriot, born to do this work. I see the problems We All are facing, and I have clear-cut solutions. I believe I am being called to do this work. I recognize that those who are presently running don’t have the answers, and lack real vision, plus, I don’t trust most of them. Besides, I was born for this. In an unusual way, I’ve spent my lifetime preparing for this. I have hope for our future. I will stand for truth. And, with your help, I know We can turn the tide of oppression.

I have eyes to see and ears to hear. I have hope and a vision for a brighter future, and I see the Path to Success clearly before us. Besides that, I’m not a career politician, rather, I’m a patriot who got fed up watching from the sidelines, who decided to step up and do the hard thing. And, I’m on God’s side, are you?

While in office, I am seeking: To reform and reinforce our international alliances…The return to our core Constitutional values…The preservation of LIFE…Respect of American’s right to privacy (end the Patriot Act)… Elimination of formal taxation, and the phasing out of the Federal Reserve…Truth and accountability in politics, and of our politicians…The elimination/reduction of corruption in government…It’s time to get right with our maker and the ultimate Return to One Nation Under God.”

View Patrick Ockander’s campaign platform positions here.

On February 27th, all three candidates will participate in a Presidential debate hosted by the Idaho Constitution Party. View the Constitution Party of Idaho’s website for details. For more information on the Constitution Party, visit ConstitutionParty.com.

Check out all the opposition/third party candidates running in 2016 from every state and for every office at the Opposition News Candidates Page.

Facebook likes count for Libertarian, Green and Constitution Party presidential candidates

get Facebook likes

Image from Jtsapress.org

Here is an update on the amount of Facebook likes for a select number of Libertarian Party, Green Party and Constitution Party presidential candidates. Not all candidates are listed. The amount of likes listed is for each candidate’s official Facebook campaign page. As of 11 PM CST, February 22nd, 2016:

Libertarian Party:

  1. Gary Johnson 359,548 Facebook likes
  2. Austin Petersen 47,988  likes
  3.  Marc Allan Feldman 9,763 likes
  4. Steve Kerbel 3,525 likes
  5. Darryl W. Perry 770 likes
  6. Cecil Ince  336 likes
  7. John McAfee 195 likes

Green Party

  1. 1. Jill Stein 119,829 Facebook likes
  2. Darryl Cherney 1,172 likes
  3. Kent Mesplay 528 likes
  4. Sedinam Kinamo Christin Moyowasifza Curry 436 likes

Constitution Party

  1. Patrick Anthony Ockander 1,908 Facebook likes
  2. J.R. Myers 626 likes
  3. Scott Copeland 496 likes

Constitution Party presidential candidate Patrick Anthony Ockander: I, personally believe homosexuality is a mental disorder

Photo of Patrick Anthony Ockander from Facebook

The following was posted on Patrick Anthony Ockander’s official Facebook page on February 17th, 2016. Ockander is a candidate for the Consitution Party’s presidential nomination.

I believe same sex marriage isn’t specifically outlawed by the Constitution. I, personally believe homosexuality is a mental disorder, and the practice of homosexual acts is beyond evil in the sight of God. I understand not wanting the practice in Our Land. However, since the Constitution does not directly prohibit it, I can’t see how We can outlaw it without amending the Constitution. I believe that the Will of The People is what the Constitution is after. Meaning, if the Will of The People is to do good, then We receive God’s endorsement…but if it shifts to evil, than We lose it…I believe that is Why God want’s US to work within the limits of the Constitution….If We had a king, the blame for any evil practice could be placed on him…but because We have a Constitution, the blame for doing evil lays squarely upon Our own shoulders. My desire is for the government to get out of regulating marriage altogether. The simple desire for Separation of Church and State is so that government NOT regulate Religion. Aside from the military, homosexuality should be a moot point, and of no consequence to Our government. For numerous reasons, Our Military must be held to the highest moral standards. Homosexuality can not be tolerated within the ranks. History will show, and Due Process will prove, that “President” Barack Hussein Obama is a Plant, Illegitimate, and Treasonous. Because of this fact (that will be proven through Due Process) We will undo ALL his executive actions, and nullify every law he put his signature on. Homosexuals deserve to live happy lives, they have the right to Pursue their own personal form of Happiness, just like you or me. But, no church, nor individual can be forced to perform a marriage, or bake a cake, make a dress, or perform any service that violates their personal moral conscience. Ultimately, the government needs to get out of regulating marriage altogether. There is NO reason for the government to regulate it (our present form of taxation is illegal, and once corrected, married or not will be a moot point). For the sake of loans, and business deals, the private sector can decide for themselves how they want to deal with intimate partnerships. Homosexuals should have the ability to go to their own “uniter” to unite them in their own form of unity…allowing that doesn’t mean we endorse it. It just means We allow the freedom to be homosexual and for them to form their own types of bonds. Even if it is offensive to you or me. I assert that If We remove the necessity for the government to know about marriage, the entire issue will fix itself. For the record, the photo I’ve attached isn’t meant to offend, it’s just meant to illustrate the point that All Americans have the right to The Pursuit of Happiness…so long as it doesn’t personally harm another person…and homosexual unions don’t personally harm you nor me…it’s just gross, and immoral…and We know it. The rule of law requires US to tolerate it though.