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Video of Libertarian Party of Illinois presidential debate

The following video, taken at the Libertarian Party of Illinois convention in Springfield and uploaded to YouTube on March 11th, is a presidential debate between candidates seeking the Libertarian Party nomination:


Austin Petersen responds to his exclusion from the Colorado Libertarian Party’s presidential debate

Austin Petersen

The following was published on TruthInMedia.com on March 8th:

According the Libertarian Party of Colorado (LPCO), the board made a decision in February not to formally invite LP candidate Austin Petersen to its debate this weekend because of philosophical differences.

The LPCO posted in a statement on its Facebook page:

“Candidate for the Libertarian Party Presidential nomination Austin Wade Petersen has openly repudiated the non-aggression principle as stated specifically within the Statement of Principles and declared this principle to be ‘non-libertarian’ and intellectually bankrupt using various insults and thus has clearly illustrated that he is philosophically opposed to essential first-principles of the Libertarian Party which the Colorado governing documents hold in primacy as the minimal bar by which everything is measured.”

According to A Libertarian Future, two resolutions were approved by the LPCO board. The first resolution was not to invite Petersen and the second one barred any executive board members from contacting Petersen prior to the debate.

Cook asked Petersen to give his thoughts on the board’s decision.

“It’s one thing to not invite someone but its another to do it in such away as to gag one another and that shows me that they are authoritarians,” said Petersen.

Petersen stressed the point that there maybe broader consequences on the board’s decision regarding the LP’s current lawsuit fighting to be included in the general election televised debates (see lawsuit here).

Petersen stated on his Facebook page:

“The Libertarian Party is suing to get into the national debates, saying the DNC and the GOP are being exclusionary. And now the government can look at the actions of the LP of Colorado and say, ‘hey, even the Libertarian Party excludes their own candidates.’”

He continued, -KL:

Congratulations Colorado, you might have just given the government an excuse to deny the lawsuit and keep third party candidates out of the national debates this year. Well done Caryn [Ann Harlos, social media chair of the Libertarian Party of Colorado and IPR writer who is known for her criticism of other], Steve, and others. You’ve been libertarians for less than a year. We appreciate it.

Nathan Grabau state Chairman of LPCO told Cook: “The motions that were passed at our February board meeting did not bar Austin Petersen from participating in our debate. Austin Petersen will be allowed to participate in our debate if he shows up.”

Video of yesterday’s Libertarian presidential debate

Yesterday, the Libertarian Party of North Carolina hosted a presidential debate over Google Hangouts. Gary Johnson, John McAfee, Austin Petersen, Darryl W. Perry, Steve Kerbel and Jack Robinson participated.

Robinson used his opening statement to attack his fellow candidates. Robinson said:

“There are only two credible candidates in this race, Gary Johnson and me.”
“I’m angry over my opponents who tarnish the credibility of this party.”
“We have a drug kingpin, a businessman under investigation for securities fraud, a hobo anarchist, another who wants public hangings in front of children in order to induce fear and forced compliance, and finally Austin Petersen, SIN, a cowardly liar who having been soundly beaten by my son at the Georgia debate, misled his followers by editing him out of the video. As a businessman and his opponent, I find him immature, surely a failure in all he has attempted, believes cute is more important than competence, has irresponsible policies and who is by his own admission a razzling, dazzling liar.”

The debate, however, featured almost no personal attacks besides Robinson’s. The video of the debate lasts for an hour and forty-three minutes.


Press release: Libertarian presidential debate to air on Stossel Show in April

For Immediate Release

Thursday, March 3, 2016

The first 2016 nationally televised presidential debate of Libertarian candidates will be filmed on March 29 and air on Fox Business Network’s Stossel Show April 1.

The nation’s third largest political party, Libertarians represent a growing plurality of Americans who are neither “left” nor “right” but who lean libertarian on issues from foreign intervention to marijuana to balancing the federal budget.

“A nationally televised debate of Libertarian presidential candidates is long overdue, and we are delighted that it is finally happening,” said LP Chair, Nicholas Sarwark.

“We urge all Americans to tell their friends, co-workers, and family to watch this important debate and see they have a choice,” he said. “They do not have to settle for candidates who are bigoted and insulting; who curry favor with the titans of Wall Street; who put our troops in harm’s way; who have no intention of stopping runaway government spending; and who force Americans to buy lousy yet unaffordable insurance plans.”

The Libertarian National Committee and Our America Initiative are currently suing the Commission on Presidential Debates for inclusion in debates this fall that are based on reasonable and objective criteria. Specifically, if a candidate is on the ballot in enough states to potentially receive enough electoral votes to win the presidency, he or she should be included.

The Libertarian Party is expected to be on the ballot in most, if not all, 50 states plus the District of Columbia.

“The Commission is a case of insider trading because it is controlled by the Republican and Democratic parties,” said Wes Benedit, LP Executive Director. “They’re scared to have our Libertarian nominee on the stage debating theirs.”

A limited number of free tickets are available. To request them, email .

Source: LP.org

Lp.org: Libertarian debate on TV, moderated by John Stossel

From LP.org, March 3rd:

Dear Libertarian,

It’s official!

There will be a debate of Libertarian presidential candidates on TV this year!

Many thanks to John Stossel and FOX Business Network for making this happen. A nationally televised debate is long overdue and we are delighted that it is finally happening.

You may be aware that the Libertarian National Committee and Our America Initiative are currently suing the Commission on Presidential Debates for equal access. Such a lawsuit takes time. The Commission is biased because it is controlled by the Republican and Democratic parties. They are clearly scared to have our nominee on the stage debating theirs! We will update you as this lawsuit progresses.

Justice is slow in coming. But, when it makes progress, we must celebrate…and spread the word!

So please help us spread the word about the upcoming debate on FOX Business Network.

It will be filmed on March 29 and aired on April 1.

We’ll update you on key details such as the time it airs as these details become available.

A limited number of free tickets are available. To request them, email.

As always, thank you for your support!!


Wes Benedict

Executive Director

ATPR note: The candidates who will participate in the Libertarian Party presidential debate are Gary Johnson, John McAfee and Austin Petersen. 

A Libertarian Future: First Libertarian Party Debate Highlights: 7 Losers, 4 Winners

Photo from the February 27th Libertarian Party presidential debate

From A Libertarian Future, February 28th:

After months of anticipation libertarians finally got to see their Presidential candidates debate. The first half of the first Libertarian Party debate included the eleven candidates who were able to make it to Mississippi. However, the video and audio quality made that segment rather unwatchable. That’s the unfortunate consequence of being an independent media organization without corporate sponsors. Luckily, they were able to fix some of the problems which improved the quality greatly for the second half of the debate. We watched the entire debate to bring you these Libertarian Party Debate Highlights but this article will mainly focus on the second half.

The Libertarian Parties of Mississippi and Alabama did manage to put on a rather good debate in the second hour. It was actually a real debate this time too. Each candidate was asked the same question and given time to compare and contrast their answers. The moderators didn’t try to pit one candidate against another or turn it into a reality show. However, some candidates did get voted off the island and there were still some clear winners and losers.

Read the rest of the article here. 

Note: The above article says that a candidate straw poll was conducted after the top five candidates presented themselves in the second round debate. According to the article, Gary Johnson won the straw poll with 38% of the vote, followed by John McAfee with 26%, Austin Petersen in third place with 17%, Darryl W. Perry in fourth place with 15%, and Marc Allan Feldman came in last place with just 4%.